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Hong Kong media: Shenzhen Hong Kong through all walks of life waiting for the starting gun A shares continued popular new material new network in November – in 14, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through waiting for the starting gun "in the background, A shares continue to have strong performance, rising for five consecutive weeks, this week or up to 2.26%. Analysts said that the beginning of the year since the Shanghai Composite Index fell fuse, nine months from 2638 slowly climbed to 3171 points, rebounded more than 20%, and is expected to push the incremental capital into A shares high volume, substantial transaction volume display market sentiment quickly pick up, A shares will continue to be good. HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia said on the 11, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through everything, except for the gun". Jufeng investment adviser believes that this week a small chance or greater than the motherboard market rallies to lighten up, time shares and bargain hunting small record, especially fine texture or have the shell resources of the subject, the short-term have larger operability. The theme of the reform of state-owned enterprises led to pick Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund Executive General Manager Yang Delong recently said, because the property market inflection point, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening around the corner and pension market gradually fall, before the end of this year, A shares or will appear in this year’s strongest rebound. In addition, the sea strategy strategy team also added that the recent reform of state-owned enterprises to promote the theme of the A stock market sentiment also picked up. After a brief impact of the U.S. election, the Asian stock market trend has quietly split. A recent stock by foreign media sing said that the Chinese economy showed signs of stabilization, and launched the real estate control measures but also enhance the attractiveness of the stock market into a bull market, the Shanghai Composite index. Tianfeng securities also believes that from the beginning of 2016, with the industrial products and consumer goods inflation deflation narrowing again, CPI-PPI. China re convergence, the business cycle of the economy is expected to gradually recover. The agency believes that in addition to the recent Trump on the rise of the American infrastructure overweight is expected, the medium term needs to solve a paradox: rising prices will make the supply side reform reform is more and more difficult. So the key problem in demand, demand three carriages, investment demand plays a key role in manufacturing investment to stabilize the need to pay attention to infrastructure investment is expected to improve, but doubt, real estate investment is relatively lagging sales but crucial. From real estate regulation to sales, from sales to investment may need at least two quarters of conduction. In the short term, the rise of cyclical stocks with a large logic support. But in the long term, still need to withstand two factors test, one is the next real estate investment fell two is how much impact of monetary policy in the housing prices under the constraint of marginal tightening more ruthless.相关的主题文章: