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Hongkong heavy hand overweight property after 2 years of market regulation or recovery [Abstract] in the 22 mainland city have been the introduction of regulatory measures, the Hongkong SAR government to tighten the property market policy last week in the mainland 22 city have been the introduction of regulatory measures, the Hongkong SAR Government on building the policy tightening last week. It is reported that, in order to prevent further deterioration of the property market bubble, the Hongkong SAR government to improve the overall property trading stamp duty, whether the transaction price, the unified tax rate increased to 15% turnover, applies to all personal and corporate buyers, permanent residents of Hongkong for the first time home buyers are exempted from the new measures are not applicable to non residential property. This also means that non Hongkong household population in Hongkong to buy a house, as well as the Hongkong household population to purchase second sets of housing, the cost will rise sharply. Especially small and medium property, to 4 million Hong Kong dollar housing as an example, from the price of the stamp tax rate jumped from 4.5% to 15%, an increase of 2.3 times, a serious blow to the enthusiasm of buyers into the market; large units are affected, even at the highest tax rate of 8.5%, the tax rate increases unified to 15%, still amounted to 76%, add a lot of the market pressure for buyers. Insiders pointed out that the main target of this policy is to buy a house in Hongkong, south of the mainland funds. Data show that in September the Hongkong property market, a total of 250 non local Buyers transactions, reaching the highest value since the beginning of the month, which accounted for 31% of mainland buyers. At the same time, buyers stamp duty income of HK $506 million, higher than the average of the past 4 months, the average of $26%. Centaline president of Asia Pacific Housing Minister Chen Yongjie said on Friday, the government suddenly again overweight for the property market regulation, market atmosphere of rapid cooling, secondary transactions frozen over the weekend. The market outlook is unknown, buyers at a loss, to buy or not to buy, the owners have lost direction, only the individual owners of the price is reduced by 3% to 5%, make a prompt decision, asking for undertaking. The policy tightening will cause much impact on the property market transactions, is expected to market will continue to stalemate. Centaline Property Research Center analysis, the SAR government has launched several different measures to suppress the property market, the introduction of the new deal, regardless of luxury, small and medium-sized units and overseas buyers are affected, the market worried that the HKMA further tightened mortgage. The new deal aims to combat investment income tenants, according to the market reaction of the past government introduced new measures after the market is expected over the next 6 months will be frozen for 2 years, only after the recovery. The impact of a new deal, the Hongkong property market turnover is expected in November than in October fell 60%, prices plummeted 5% to 8% at the end of the year. On the other hand, the United States is expected to continue to increase interest rates, the market is generally expected to raise interest rates by 0.25 percentage points in December, if the fact that the property market in Hongkong will be worse. (China Economic Net)相关的主题文章: