How hard is it to be a man Look at this, you know.


How hard is it to be a man? Take a look at this you will know that the human body is rare, the Buddha smell (Figure) in Buddhism there is a sentence that we all used to listen to: "a rare person". In the end, "rare" to what extent? "Lotus Sutra" in say a parable: "blind turtle value wood", that is to say, a blind turtle in the sea with the tempestuous waves turned up, then rushed to the East, then rushed to the west, then sank easily rushed Shanghai breath, Li moment and waves hit into the seabed, pain. If, in an instant, floating on the surface of Shanghai, lucky to meet a piece of wood. It is blind, wood floats on the surface of the ocean, it is impossible to see, not to pursue, but it is blind to touch occasionally touch on a piece of wood. The board also has a hole to be intermediate. Blind turtle, East meets West touch, even caught the eye, to head out from the hole, finally deeply saturated took a breath of fresh air, but also to ensure that they will not be driven into the seabed. This is a great comfort and joy! Such a rare opportunity, we think about it, it is too rare! However, this life is a person, the next life can be a person, this is also difficult! This metaphor is not a metaphor, and Buddhist scriptures from the top of Mount Everest, take a line down, with a needle in Xumishan feet, put the wire wear in, from the eye in this, we think, more difficult! The needle eye is so small, the distance is so far, but the line is in the wind. How can you put it in a little breeze? But it can not be completely excluded, there is absolutely no chance to wear it, is only one billion: just, this is really very difficult! And it’s so hard for us to have another person in the next life! Some people retorted, you say that people are so rare, but in the real world, we have too many people, is in control of the population, do not give birth to him, what is rare? We say that a person is rare, this life is a person, the next life to be a man, very difficult! As for the source, but not necessarily to say from the humanitarian, some may be Heaven blessing enjoy finished off, some may suffer from hell inside out, put out, or possibly from animal reports are completed, and come to the world. There is a hungry ghost to the other world, and even to the source of many. So, we say, is not to say that the source of humanity and less known incarnation is the source of many difficult, but this is a lifetime; people, a lifetime to life, it is extremely difficult to! You say a lot of people, but those babies, only three months of pregnancy, or a month, or a few weeks, there is no time to be a person to do the abortion, was destroyed, how much? I don’t know how many. Precious life is rare, this can be seen, it is still that the other side of the rare person. Therefore, since we are now rare and get the body, the Buddha smell and touch, and we should have a good practice. We must cherish this great travail Shifu places not easily won, won the precious life! If you don’t follow the hard words, life for decades, in the past, so after a blink of an eye, and then to get.相关的主题文章: