How to escape from hell Three monks of the nether world full secret! queer as folk


How to escape from hell? Three monks of the nether world full secret! Two monks into the Mount Jiuhua, came to the "Huayan University" and the abbot of India Chui Mineyama just master talk about Ksitigarbha culture! (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Cui Feng temple to create a year to set up "in the history of Buddhism China Huayan University" precedent. (source: Phoenix Buddhist Bodhisattva) is the devil?! Where there is such a handsome devil! What do we want to escape from hell? When Yan Wang Qingsheng? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) or you fall into hell, or hell, how to turn? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Mount Jiuhua in Anhui known as the magical scenery of the land. Here, not only the day of incense, Buddhist temple, more beautiful majestic beautiful mountains, everywhere is the Buddha of natural scenery. Two monks into the Mount Jiuhua, came to the "Huayan University" and the abbot of India Chui Mineyama just master talk about Ksitigarbha culture! India just master: everybody is good, I am Mount Jiuhua Cui Feng Temple presided over India just two and still welcome into the "Qiang Qiang Qiang Cui Feng temple, Huayan University" this is the two and we still Qiang Qiang Qiang yancan, we can master india. Yancan: Buddhist culture is a kind of inheritance is a kind of inheritance, that’s how we friends know, you see the four great Buddhist mountains, Mount Wutai, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Putuo, Emei Mountain, it is also the four famous Buddhist culture, Buddhist culture is also a talent platform in the past one hundred years of the four famous mountains of Buddhism or Buddhist culture promotion, promotion of the world made a great contribution. In the past more than and 100 years, the promotion of Buddhism culture has produced a new product, is the Buddhist education, Buddhist University, School of Buddhism, then Mount Jiuhua as an important Buddhist culture, Buddhist culture is also an important position of the monks. Mount Jiuhua education in the past hundred years can also be said to have made a huge contribution. India can master: Yes, today we are just India just opening into the master said, this is the University of Hua Yan, Cui Feng temple after the Mount Jiuhua a scholar under a temple, so we now see it is such a state, it is how to "Huayan University" linked to it, I just want to please India we introduce to the master. Just master: India Huayan University, especially the Cui Feng temple in 1898 by Al master and master students have founded that shines, virtual cloud the old monk, Dixian mage, Yue Xia, and ANN, heart shines strong, smart, and the old East early Cihang Bodhisattva, he created a year to set up China Buddhism the history of Huayan University "precedent, it is also the birthplace of our China Huayan University, although do the next three years, and has been to Shanghai urban garden, but in urban garden also do more than half a year, although the term of three years but it is gradually to go out after flowering. Print Wizard: back to understand that at that time almost all of the 32 students, with modern words, such as a luxury. Extension of the master: it can be said that he is not only open up and promote the contemporary Buddhist education, modern Buddhist education. India can master: the old master Dixian, we all know that he is the center of Tiantai generation when he was here with the month in 1898;相关的主题文章: