How to quickly pass the 2017 postgraduate entrance examination bottleneck period diqua


How to quickly pass the 2017 postgraduate entrance examination bottleneck period? The world’s most people scratching their hearts is to think but can not get, I believe that the current bottleneck in some of the students mood is so. Some students can not help but ask, "to the bottleneck every day feel very uncomfortable, I in the end how to do?" A stepping stone, New Oriental online research national postgraduate entrance examination research center to you, let you reach a new height, let the masses eat melon eyes can’t get into your bag. 1, who said that a horse is not sweet? The bottleneck in the difficult period, after being bombarded with all kinds of problems, the students began to question the value of, don’t know yourself as a test whether it is worth the torture suffered. Recently, the network heat transfer passage — "that forced love does not last, I whether he is sweet, I twisted down is happy. This also applies to our postgraduate entrance examination, I do not know the value of postgraduate entrance examination is not worth it, but I just want to graduate school and then become a graduate school, as long as I am happy to achieve this goal. Don’t think about the value is not worth the problem, the key is whether we have the ability to twist the melon. Dear students, the spirit of self flagellation in tough times don’t torture yourself, don’t doubt yourself, put all their energy in the conquest of knowledge! The bottleneck is the dormant period, in the dark power themselves, we can skip this period. 2, let the time do the work the bottleneck of the hardest to do is keep reading, but the papers or mistakes, even the wrong question will be wrong, after be calm again, still can not see significant progress. If all the students reflect on their learning strategies after can not find a big mistake, then stick to do reading. There are many mistakes, only with your current ability is not enough to conquer the grind, so you must continue to remember knowledge, practice. As long as you today than yesterday a little wrong, every little bit of progress, the progress of accumulated what you wanted to see change. 3, the hair of the dog, from the extreme to enrich instead of extreme loneliness. During the examination, sad and lonely from time to time to invade our mind, then the best way is to continue, crustily skin of the sea in the row your boat, refused to surrender to the negative emotions. Negative emotions may be temporary. Sometimes, when we fill our morning with fun, we find that we feel sorry for ourselves. So, sad, to give yourself a big hug in the heart, and then continue to read the review, so that when the mood goes on, we will only be more proud of their own. Sometimes is the most terrible, it is not easy for you to decide to really do something, the people around you not go up against you, is cold face and mocking smile. Maybe someone says you are not qualified, some people say don’t dream, someone said you, New Oriental online. Hope you can keep a stiff upper lip, survive the bottleneck and difficult period, and proudly told them to "! Just by my!" This world;相关的主题文章: