Husband and wife unable to treat premature baby will be abandoned 3 days after the discovery of the oboni


Couples unable to treatment of premature baby it abandoned the side of the mountain 3 days after the discovery in September 23, 2016 10, the eight store Huzhou Wuxing district police station received a public warning, saying that a girl in the eight town hill side of the grass, has not moved. The heart of a tight, rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, police found the baby is faint signs of life, but there is still a faint breath, police rushed to rescue the baby will be sent to the Huzhou Central Hospital. Who left the baby in the grass on the edge of the hill? If there are people not passing found the alarm, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. After looking at the hospital to rescue through the dangerous period of the little guy, the police heart aches. In ensuring the safety of the baby’s life, the police immediately on the identity of the baby’s parents in major hospitals in Huzhou investigation. After the survey, September 4, 2016 14 am, Yunnan County of Wenshan province Panmou daughter-in-law in Huzhou city who gave birth to a baby girl. Because of premature birth, the baby in the hospital receiving treatment, because of family financial difficulties, spent 50 thousand yuan for medical expenses, Panmou an inability to continue treatment of premature infant, discharge for abandoning treatment agreement signed in September 20th. In the case of the case of the son of Pan agreed to discharge the same day with his wife Lee will abandon the baby girl in the grass on the side of the hill, when the baby is still breathing, the two then left. The suspect Panmou wife and children have the obligation to support the abandonment of sick infants, their behavior has violated China’s "criminal law", should be held criminally responsible for the crime of abandonment. At present, the case is being further processed, Lee has been under criminal detention, Panmou and son bail, waiting for them will be punished by law.相关的主题文章: