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Mobile-Cell-Phone Recognizing why people user your mobile app is the most fundamental reason for having it. If it does not have a purpose, then your app will remain an aimless market offering that users will ultimately show little or no interest in. With that said, when you establish why users actually download and actively use your app, you are then able to guide the direction of its marketing and additional development. To help you do so, here are a few common reasons why people use apps and how such purposes can benefit your mobile enterprise. For Entertainment One of the most common reasons that people are enticed to use apps is for fun. Most notably, games are an exceedingly popular type of mobile app that many users flock toward. What’s more, they provide a fun atmosphere and thrilling gameplay to keep users entertained when playing. Apps designed for fun usually offer the opportunity for users to enjoy such entertainment for free, plus of course, the presence of mobile ads and purchases for furthered gameplay. In the instance that users are using your mobile app for fun, your company will undoubtedly be able to benefit from such enjoyment. There are a number of ways to capitalize off of such fun, perhaps most notably, there is the ability to entice your users into making purchases for furthered gameplay. For instance, if your gaming app is based around building a fictional caf and creating delicious drinks and treats for people to enjoy, then you could potentially offer the ability to unlock additional items on the menu in exchange for real money. When doing so, you should make such an offer seem less as a solicitation and a more as a fun way to extend a users gameplay. The best way to do so is to have users buy fictional currency (in larger amounts) in exchange for real money. Then, the amount of real money that they are actually buying in with will seem more worthwhile. For Work Besides entertainment, people use apps for their work. Whether it is a businessperson using a GPS app to get from one place to another on their business trip, or a construction foreman using a field services app to assist on the job site, a significant portion of the market is made of people that use apps for work. While such users may also have a bevy of apps on their mobile device devoted to entertainment, if they have a job that uses technology in any way, then they will surely use an app for some job related task as well. A great way for your company to capitalize off of such work related apps is to keep pace with the price of the other apps in the industry that offer a similar service. For instance, if yours and another app both offer a particular field services app, but the other offers it for $4.99, then you should aim your price in the same range, assuming that your service is on-par. This, of course, may not be the case, especially if your app offers a better service with higher quality. In such case, you may want to price your app for less. On the other hand, you may also consider selling your app at a discounted rate as an affordable alternative. Either way, you should price your work related app to profit off of paying users. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: