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In the story does not stop the reversal of the entertainment circle, when eating melon people most worry… Catherine Hung and his eldest son in the entertainment industry, every move can easily become the focus of attention of the public, and even a small details of the program will be taken out of the user analysis: is not with a certain. Recently, Sheenah was transferred to suppress Wu Xin, in the program and users are also some lists in the program "irrefutable evidence"; "ungrateful" label since Siu Chung Mok dumped his girlfriend Catherine Hung has been unmarried but recently Siu Chung Mok, as the shadow follows the form, do not want to go back to this place, it seems open story big reversal; in addition, as a star, the importance of weight loss as the cause, the reports said big eat cereal lost 20 pounds of rumors, she denied: This is false, don’t believe! In fact, as everyone knows the depth of entertainment, or when a people eat melon, the most worry! Hong Xinyin marriage cheat Siu Chung Mok? Plot reversal! The 55 year old star Siu Chung Mok as to his former girlfriend Catherine Hung unmarried, this 17 years has been regarded as the son of man indifferent. He has friends because of dissatisfaction with the attack, then called poke unmarried truth, also PO out of her newborn son photos back. Some media reports, said Siu Chung Mok was deliberately concealed in the year of, when the case of the third. Siu Chung Mok in 1996 because of filming the drama "the fugitive" met Catherine Hung, Siu Chung Mok also rumored to Catherine Hung, dumped out for ten years before the date of airline stewardess girlfriend, but there are media reports, Catherine Hung said that in fact in contact with Siu Chung Mok, and businessman Huang Guoliang secretly married, also deliberately conceal our identity, leading to Siu Chung Mok with the informed of the situation, the following year Catherine Hung divorce. The report says that two people, found the character’s Siu Chung Mok Catherine Hung love entertainment, but good love lively, and Catherine Hung had lied to Siu Chung Mok uncomfortable back to the room to rest, but he was caught out to play, the phone also deliberately shut down, lose trust each other in the course of time, eventually break up. I lost 20 pounds by eating cereal? Fake letter! "The beauty of the king" s past to maintain slender female star image, often use a fierce way to lose weight, but in my first pregnancy weight to 79 kilograms, but instead she began to know how to enjoy life, also declared "no longer improperly paperman", but it has been reported recently that she eat cereal lost 20 pounds however, she hastened to clarify chaos newspaper. I said that she does for convenience to cereal for breakfast, because it was a vegetarian, but that was 10 years ago, "I do not know why the recent strange unit of fiddling with! It’s really a headache, "she said. In fact, in the past she had been due to intense weight loss and depression ridden, physical condition is not very good, but after pregnancy, she also began to be not fat not thin appearance very satisfied, but also began to know how to enjoy life. Sheenah Wu Xin in the program? In love with each other! Recently, online lists the details of various kinds of "happy camp" show, Sheenah testified in the program to suppress Wu Xin. "If you watch, you will find the above the stage, no matter which part, Wu Xin is just like Sheenah’s supporting role, what all listen to what she had to obey her, what did Sheenah say, in.相关的主题文章: