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Intel mobile phone processor or return to the market: ARM architecture digital Sohu – according to foreign media reports, Intel in the mobile processor market has been the product of the configuration of ARM pressure, although the Atom processor product line Nadechushou to eat, but the long performance is not good, but also has been developed to stop the fate. However, the president of Intel client and networking Department of La Quinta Cartagena? Aaron said, Intel and baa give up market intelligence mobile phone processor. Intel mobile phone market to return to the processor (picture from kkj)         earlier, Intel announced to stop the development of intelligent mobile phone Atom processor, a new generation of Atom processor and cancel the original plan for the tablet computer and in the development of PC. This was interpreted as Intel will completely withdraw from the smart phone chip market.         in this regard, venkata? Aaron of Jinta pull stressed stop system developed several mobile chip, it is not enough to give up that Intel intelligent mobile phone processor conclusion, and now they attitude in mobile platforms on the shaoshuoduozuo. At the same time, venkata? Aaron of Jinta pull also hinted that Intel may not be a smart mobile phone processor of a x86 chip, but a majority of Android mobile phone and iPhone similar chip processor.         this indicates that Intel’s smart phone chip will use the ARM mechanism. In addition, Intel IDF16 conference in September announced that the company gets authorization from competitors at ARM, for the expansion of its chip manufacturing business, but also provide Intel’s most advanced 10nm production line.         it is understood that starting from the mobile intelligent terminal to the present, ARM has been in the leading position in the chip market. Currently ARM chip has accounted for 95% of global smartphone shipments, related shipments exceeded the 3 billion. In contrast, Intel is currently slow progress in the field of mobile chips.相关的主题文章: