Japanese Buddhist monk Hui Hui from the diary was found to have sneaked into Tibet polartec


Japanese monk Hui sea estuary is hidden from the diary was found to have sneaked into Tibet – Beijing [global network reporter Wang Huan reported] Japanese monk Hui sea estuary (1866-1945) in the Meiji period as Japanese for the first time over the Himalaya mountains, into the closed state of the Tibet area, and have a book "Tibet travel". Recently, Tokyo, Japan, the world’s land area of the sea of Kin Kin family found his diary, recorded the escape from the Tibet region of the various difficulties. Hui Hai hometown Osaka City in September 26th announced the news?. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on September 27th, 2016 is the 150 anniversary of the birth of the sea. The Museum of the city, located in the District, will be available for public viewing from October 26th to December 4th. According to the city, the Tibet travel, there are records of the sea fled the Tibet area, diary content is relevant evidence. Diary from Hui Hai to learn Buddhist scriptures stranded in Lhasa to the beginning of January 1902, for fear of illegal immigrants was found in August of the same year and fled to India after the end of Darjeeling. A total of 17 pages, the use of B4 or B5 size of paper and paper, with ink horizontal writing, Hui Hai recorded in Lhasa to learn and shopping, as well as the experience and feelings of escape. According to the instructions in the city?, through the checkpoint near the border of records, Hui Hai wrote his tell officials must be rushed to buy medicine, begged the other pass. In August 2016, the city was born on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the investigation. Other diaries written in the Tibet area have been found, and the findings should be followed.相关的主题文章: