Japanese government signed a document announced the release of 120 billion euros in debt lara fabian


On the ancient government signed a 120 billion yen debt from Cuba announced Beijing, Beijing, 20 September, according to Japanese media reports, Japan from Cuba about 180 billion yen (about 11 billion 800 million yuan) to about 120 billion yen 2/3 in debt issue, the two governments 19 this month in the Cuban capital Havana held agreement document signing ceremony. According to reports, the Japanese ambassador to Cuba, Watanabe Yu and vice president of the Cuban Council of ministers attended the signing ceremony of the president of the Republic of China in. Both countries have expressed strong expectations for bilateral relations in the fields of economy, trade and investment. In 2015, Cuba and the United States 54 years after the resumption of diplomatic relations. The country has benefited from mineral and tourism resources, more than 10 million of the population has not yet been developed, so countries are trying to break into the local market. The Japanese government also wants to deepen cooperation through debt relief to support local enterprises stationed in japan. To this end, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will this week as the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit to Cuba, will be with the State Council president Raul held talks with Castro. The Paris club, the main creditor group, including Japan, reached an agreement in December 2015 to allow Cuba to repay about $2 billion 600 million in total debt of $11 billion, and the rest were exempt.相关的主题文章: