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Jiangsu weather mode of opening the sun in November 5th the highest temperature of 23 degrees C today, the temperature should be gradually picked up! The high temperature of 20 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow, the day after tomorrow in South of Jiangsu 23 C. Buddies can the weekend outing plan ahead of time! Yesterday, the sun mode second days. Real time temperature also shows that the maximum temperature in the morning of Jiangsu is only about 2 degrees Celsius in the afternoon to pick up to about 15 degrees celsius. South of Jiangsu area along the Yangtze River but also a little warmer, but also more obvious autumn dry. Today, the feeling of warmth is more obvious. Low temperature is 5 to 8 degrees C, but the highest temperature in South of Jiangsu area rose to a temperature of 19 degrees, and other regions have a temperature of 17 to 18. Continued fine, the temperature will rise gradually. The highest temperature in the province will be back to around 20 degrees Celsius, the day after tomorrow all picked up to more than 20 degrees Celsius, of which the South of Jiangsu area around 23 degrees celsius. The weather is so awesome, suitable for climbing, maple, chrysanthemum, autumn outing this weekend to go round. High temperature recovery range, but the difference is still relatively low temperature, remind small partners, the appropriate increase or decrease of clothing. Nanjing three days the weather is sunny today, southeast wind 2 to 3, 7 to 19 degrees centigrade tomorrow sunny to cloudy, 8 ~ 21 degrees tomorrow cloudy to sunny, 10 to 23 DEG C相关的主题文章: