Jurassic world will take second early next year. tencent upd


"Jurassic world" will take second early next year filming "Jurassic world" stills time news network September 13th "Jurassic world 2" directed by Juan · Antonio · Baiana is currently the Toronto film festival for his next film "devil" for publicity. In a news conference, he revealed some news about the sequel to the Jurassic world. Although Bayona can not reveal too much, but he confirmed that the series would be a trilogy, one of his first challenge is how to integrate the second story narrative series. He also said that they are currently writing second scripts, plans to start shooting early next year. There have been signs that such a plan might have been, but has not been confirmed by the director. The film produced and released by universal pictures, Chris · and Bryce · in Dallas; parattah; · Howard played the first to confirm the return of Erwin and Claire. The director’s first screenplay by Colin · Telaiworuo teamed up with Derek · Connally, Michael · Clayton. Steven · Spielberg (Jurassic Park) is responsible for the production. The film will be released in North America in June 22, 2018. Domestic is expected to introduce.相关的主题文章: