Laiwu implementation of real estate registration the first batch of real estate certificates wh60a


Real estate registration   implementation in Laiwu city; the first real property right certificate – Shandong Channel – Laiwu City, held before the real property right certificate ceremony, the official start of the implementation of unified registration of immovable property, marking the end of Laiwu city land, housing, woodland registration of real estate scattered into the history. Real estate unified registration of the new stage, is of epoch-making significance. Laiwu Transportation Group Co. Ltd. 3 long-distance passenger rights people receive real estate warrants, Laiwu city has become the real property registration work officially started after the first collar witness. It is understood that since September 26th 10, Laiwu City real estate registration window to start accepting business, issued a "real property certificate" and "real estate registration certificate", issued by the original land, houses, Lin Quan and other certificates remain valid, the right not to change, the certificate does not change, change, transfer of registration to be handled when gradually replaced the new real property right certificate. The implementation of unified registration of immovable property system, is a major strategic decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to comply with the development of the times, for the protection of the legitimate rights of immovable property, improve the efficiency and level of governance, especially to facilitate business, to facilitate the masses, has important significance. It is more convenient for people to apply for and handle the registration of real estate, to improve the quality of registration, to facilitate the integration of government resources, to solve the problem of cross function, information dispersion and so on. Laiwu real estate registration center will do a good job of convergence, to ensure the smooth development of the registration, to provide fast and efficient service for businesses and the public. (Wang Peng) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: