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Li Guoying: expanding double innovation space   accelerate the development of new energy gathering – Anhui Channel – original title: Li Guoying: expanding double innovation space to accelerate convergence development of new energy for the afternoon of October 12th, Premier Li Keqiang at the national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week Shenzhen main venue hosted foreign guests Leaders Forum, acting governor Li Guoying venue in Anhui attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the management of a series of policy measures to further stimulate the whole society "," double "activity, focus on the convergence of the new energy, to create a new economy. Executive vice governor Chen Shulong presided over the meeting, the Provincial Government Secretary General Yang Jingnong attended the meeting. Li Guoying pointed out that to foster the development of the "double main body", adhere to both the elite and the grassroots, encourage and guide the scientific and technical personnel and entrepreneurial innovation, efforts to attract high level talents to Anhui entrepreneurial innovation, support migrant workers entrepreneurship, let each have a dream, have the ability to have the entrepreneurial opportunities for innovation, make more scientific and technical personnel college students, employees, and migrant workers become a guest". To actively create a "double" platform, and comprehensively promote the public innovation, business incubator, innovation achievements, demonstration platform, to provide low-cost, comprehensive service facilitation, all elements, open for business innovation, promote our province "double" to the development of larger scale, higher level and deeper degree. To strengthen the "double" of finance, adhere to equity financing and debt financing simultaneously, focus on financial and capital system construction, promote various financial resources more front-end to venture enterprises started to extend the growth, to the most entrepreneurial innovation vitality of small and micro enterprises tilt. Li Guoying stressed the need to constantly optimize the environment, improve the list of the "double" system construction, to further promote the reform of commercial system, promote the tube service reform to develop in depth, and strive to create a fair and efficient system, environment system facilitation. To develop and improve the "double support" policy measures, is conducive to the establishment of universities, research institutes and supporting service system, enterprise innovation management system, stimulate the creativity of the whole society. To strengthen the public opinion, vigorously promote outstanding entrepreneurial innovation, solid run "double" week, promote the vigorous development of "double". (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章: