Liangshan network anchor shot put tax fraud 21 live account was banned (Figure) (video)


Liangshan network anchor shot put tax fraud 21 live account was banned (Figure) chaotic network broadcast team fighting to expose each other "pseudo charity" at the beginning of October this year, a network anchor in Liangshan who engage in video webcast fake charity maxed. November 19th, by the Chengdu Business Daily reporter survey, in fact, in Liangshan (micro-blog) to do charity charity live there are many teams, live variety, and the purpose is to suck money. For this kind of pseudo charity phenomenon, quick broadcast platform also released the latest progress, announced on verified using the live pseudo public cheat powder "Jie brother" permanent Title treatment. Currently, the platform is continuing to conduct a comprehensive investigation, on suspicion of pseudo public welfare behavior of the other 6 users, but also temporarily closed its broadcast rights, and has been in Liangshan to do a large public account to be banned 21. Reporter: the live team has several people live to the elderly feet in October this year, a video was exposed: "fast Jie brother" somewhere in Liangshan, the money sent to the villagers, after the money back. Afterwards, several broadcast team played each other in the network on the infighting, exposure to each other in pseudo charity, "fast Jie brother" by exposure, pseudo charity event surfaced. After the video exposure, this pseudo charity event attracted much attention. Even the day, Chengdu daily client reporter learned that the investigation in Liangshan, in Liangshan Province, pseudo charity like this broadcast team, more than one, including exposure to "Jie brother" "OK" "in" "black brother" Uncle "and" Shandong Mui ", the broadcast team in Liangshan for several months the public broadcast. For example, 19 days, according to people familiar with the local, a village in the township and Butuo County McGregor, a month ago, three people came to the village to find an old man, and feed them, help feet, back to the elderly and anchor a few hundred dollars, let the old man holding a shot, finally the truth is, the old man just shot put object, anchor who sent the money has been recovered, only to the elderly twenty or thirty yuan as "hard", also send only a few noodles and a dress. Why did you choose to live in Liangshan? According to the relevant departments, their real purpose is not charity, but suck powder, make money. "Fast black uncle" in the live video in a flag of public interest in live, one month down, income is as high as six digits. The visit: 30 thousand yuan raised after taking back to less than 200 yuan of goods by reporter verified, the first exposure hand brother Jie et al pseudo charity place is nine Dajuecun Butuo County Township, only 10 km away from the county. According to local villagers, last month’s day, when several men carrying something to the village, said to send things, but also send money. One of the villagers cheated memories, adults and children are arranged in a roadside stand in two rows, then a tattoo man (Jay quickly began to come up with the money to brother), a person with a small pile of concrete, a lot of money is not clear. They took the phone to take pictures." The villagers said that these people are called the villagers to put the money in his hand, do not put into the bag, also called "(US) handle up, not down, or what not to." According to the Li相关的主题文章: