Match-fixing Chinese chat pupils are spared a big league betting choice kimi wo omou melodi


Gossip: match-fixing Chinese pupils are spared a big league football betting choice of foreign match-fixing frequent passionate farewell weekend, usher in a ruthless Monday to see the hands of the black list, determined to tell myself: this class, or to! Although the outcome is quite normal, but the mention of match-fixing, we often will still be angry. Recently, a match-fixing topic today is used as conversation as one falls, another rises. Big data prediction can prevent match-fixing? The football league is match-fixing] primary users: Syria lost more than despair recently, a domestic football news, so the author with deep hatred and resentment. Reported that in October 5th the domestic game U11 primary school football, discovered a match-fixing. The small players, even to their own goal shot, so that the team lost the game with a 2-25 score. Multi verification, the team intentionally lost the game to the opponent to win, to revenge another team to have the title. In this regard, the Guangzhou Football Association has made heavy penalties. This news, netizens have said that this is better than the much lamented, the Orangemen lost Syria to despair. Subsequently, the Chinese College Students League also suspected of tacit ball". "Match-fixing incident" occurred in the occupation of sports in the campus football match-fixing frequently Chinese frequent events, we hurt the heart; and the match-fixing occupation sports scandal, we pain may be real money. Simple to check the 2016 reported match-fixing scandal, high frequency, wide range, straight people shouted up posture". Soccer may be the earliest match-fixing soil, until today, associated with the scandal has been constantly. In addition to some of the low level of the league, like five leagues in Europe, even the world cup really happened match-fixing. Match-fixing has been confirmed, such as a "telephone gate", such as the 2002 World Cup in South Korea beat Italy. And we are most closely related to the last, like a A match-fixing case, etc.. In addition to the football match-fixing football scandal continued to "big", as a higher degree of commercial tennis, a lot of the same match-fixing scandal. In addition, like ice hockey, billiards and other projects, there are also match-fixing risks. Ending the war match-fixing scandal broke the Tennis Super League has ended, the final rounds of the key, still can hear the voices of doubt. CBA League has been started, for the fair question, I’m afraid it will happen. Europe’s five major league and NBA, although also from time to time to make some rumors, but the overall environment is much better. Don’t talk about supervision, just look at these players are worth a lot of money, money to rush into danger this kind of thing, the probability in them is lower and much more. So, for the lottery betting choice friends, such a big league is the best. (Pan Feng)相关的主题文章: