Men pick up the phone to ask for custody fee scratch lottery interest high price 步步高i606


The man picked up the mobile phone to ask for "safekeeping fee" scratch lottery high spirits "price" – Beijing northeast network November 1st news (reporter Lei Lei Shi Deyan Liu Di) recently, Harbin resident Mr. Zhao Iphone6 mobile phone was found at the time of purchase, ask for 200 yuan each "custody fee" agreed to return, Mr. Zhao agreed and appointment the meeting place, don’t think the other party has put forward "the safekeeping fee" to five hundred yuan. October 26th 10 am, Mr. Zhao, who lives in Nangang District of Harbin city found on duty in the Harbin West Railway Station police station to report. When the police asked him about the situation, the man was frowning, very hesitant and not reported. Asked by the police patiently, Mr. Zhao told the story. The original 9 pm, Mr. Zhao came to Harbin west station ticket, Iphone6 mobile phone will be negligent lost in the machine. 10 minutes later, Mr. Zhao found the phone was gone, and quickly dialed the phone number with another cell phone Iphone6. The phone rang after a short wind sound, the other end came a man’s voice, the man said the phone can be returned, but to charge the custody fee 200 yuan. Zhao felt anxious, did not think the other expensive mobile phone "own" is lucky, on the appointment and the man met in Harbin West station. Then Mr. Zhao returned to Harbin station, when he had just arrived at the agreed place, also received the man calls "custody fees rose to 500 yuan. Want to get the phone as soon as possible, Mr. Zhao had to agree to the requirements of the man. But the more he thought the more the taste, to find the police for help. But since they have reached a verbal agreement with each other, the police can take care of it? Not avert disaster, zirendaomei. After listening to Mr. Zhao introduced, the police immediately and obtain a surveillance video of the ticket office, see from the video, there was indeed a young man picked up Mr. Zhao after the mobile phone into the waiting room. The police immediately locked the man and track their point of sale to Harbin west station lottery. When the police found the man when it is in the best of spirits the scratch, the face of the police inquiry, he is still in the good state, said: "I finished this ticket and then you go, I really good luck today, perhaps even in the grand prix." After understanding, man Liu tickets at the ticket vending machines when picked up by Mr. Zhao’s Iphone6 mobile phone, mobile phone is Liu thought can also, as a symbolic point "custody fee", on the phone so he offered to receive 200 yuan deposit fee". Liu passing Fucai point of sale "luck" today feel so busy, can win, they all took out 200 yuan to buy a lottery ticket. After scraping award, Liu more interest, but also want to continue to try luck, so I thought why not to some of the custody fee". Just as it has purchased 300 yuan lottery, play in the best of spirits, the police found Liu, not timely return of Liu picked up the behavior of mobile phone on the spot to be criticism and education. Liu realized his mistake, and for his inappropriate behavior to apologize to Mr. Zhao, the mobile phone wholly intact returned to the owner.相关的主题文章: