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"Mr. Sheng flowers" file 11.4  Yan Bingyan Wang Deshun mystery – entertainment channel, set file set file poster poster stills stills stills stills stills by the famous director Xie Fei, producer of young new director Zhu Yuancheng directed by Yan Bingyan, starring Wang Deshun, Ai Liya, Wang Qing starred in the film "Mr. Sheng flower" set the stalls in November 4th, officially joined the imported film packed in November, becoming a force that made films; the film not only obtained the domestic and foreign various award, also become the media and the audience’s recommended reputation as a film critic said: "the film made a strong comeback between dementia and a simple the story of the woman of city people’s indifference." This piece of fixed gear posters composition party exposure film show stunning, warm texture, the trailer shows more movie, the relationship between Yan Bingyan and Wang Deshun whirling is full of suspense, even at the latter the former "old rogue", strong dramatic conflicts pumianerlai. Film or can become a dark horse in November! Wang Deshun Yan Bingyan was the largest in the history of the age difference between CP 30 seconds after exposing the whirling theme pension Trailer before the exposure of the film, "Mr. Sheng flowers" and the exposure of two posters and a 60 seconds will stall the trailer, and announced that the scheduled November 4th. In the exposure of the fixed gear posters, Yan Bingyan dressed in white wedding dress, cotton hand holding flowers, like a drop from the clouds angel, even Yan Bingyan I saw this poster also said: "I was very shocked before the film is a film, hand is to the day, when I saw the poster when I think it is amazing. Did not expect this effect is presented!" Yan Bingyan put his hand to the old Wang Deshun, the composition of the medieval church like mural like, two people tried but failed to touch the fingers, also suggests that the complex relationship between two people, like love and affection is neither friendly nor aloof. On the base of large flowers cotton and whole warm colors, showing the film focusing pension, warm tone. In the exposure of the fixed gear trailer, a start will defy Yan Bingyan Alicia motives, will Yan Bingyan out of the house, Wang Deshun to find Yan Bingyan even cry and make full of adorable nature, between Yan Bingyan and Wang Deshun emotional ambiguous, Alicia secretly investigation, but the accident is a terrible secret…… The exposure of the material, the relationship between Wang Deshun and Yan Bingyan is a mystery, "back hug", "bed" and small nanny inexplicably pregnant plot, showed two people in the relationship is not so pure surface". Netizens after reading said: "the uncle Wang Deshun guards’ energy ‘shocked!" Yan Bingyan and Wang Deshun in the film is actually staged a young and old love, or simple employment relationship, only to be announced in November 4th the film. The exposure of the material also highlights a striking slogan — "you are old with me", this sentence reveals the core theme of the film concerns pension, focusing elderly life, both warm and comfortable, as director Xie Fei said: "I support this movie, just want to let everyone see Chinese in the reality of the passions through our film, attention)相关的主题文章: