Nanchong, a man jumped from the four floor of the body is actually living in poor wife divorce (vide kamikaze love


A man in Nanchong from the four floor to jump down dead wife divorce is living in poverty in 6, Pengan (micro-blog) county such as Zhen Mo Zi West Street Community in a 46 year old man jumped to his death. According to neighbors, the dead is due to no money to live, but also his wife to divorce, causing the man "skull" problems after the committed suicide. The remains of the deceased have been transported to the funeral home, but there are still many neighbors in knots together on the matter There were many discussions. The deceased surnamed Chen, a 46 year old wife and previous work in the field, last year by his family back to Pengan, the Chinese new year, had not. There are people living in the same district told the side of Pengan, said his wife is Hainan, his son is also in Hainan to school, this year his wife back to Hainan, and I heard that he would divorce. According to the person familiar with the situation, several leaders of the community just a few days ago went to his home to see him. Now online said that he was seriously ill without money to jump, it is in." According to the real historic aunt said that he really had earlier prostatitis, his aunt brother-in-law gave him 2000 yuan of money to cure disease. I think the main reason, the fall, or poor, can not afford to eat rice, do not work, but also his wife to divorce, the skull appears trance, feel alive without meaning, just jump. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, but also to expand the reading to save the curse? Spoony woman jumping rescued at the fire brother "I hate you"相关的主题文章: