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Ningbo Greentown Park dragged more than a year of water problems to reach a preliminary solution, the owner of the tree hanging mineral water bottles protest. Reporter LAN Feng rain network reported in October 13th "Greentown Orchid Garden residents queuing up to shower bath" aroused strong repercussions in the community. In October 13th, the relevant departments convened the owners representatives, developers convened a coordination meeting, and finally reached a preliminary intention, the developer agreed to change the water pipes to the owners. Owners in the doorway hanging mineral water bottles protest on October 13th at 3 p.m., reporters came to Jiangdong green city Ningbo center Orchid Garden doorway, saw a large number of owners waiting for news. A surname, the owner told reporters, from the beginning of 2, on behalf of the owners and developers to negotiate solutions. At the scene, the reporter saw a few trees on the road filled with mineral water bottles. An owner told reporters that they use this method to protest developers inaction, so that they suffered a lot of water do not eat bitter. "I bought the house for 6 million yuan, 28000 yuan per square metre, after moving in, found that water can not be used.". We had to empty the house and move out to rent a house. Hopefully, we can solve the problem today, and then we can live in a new house." To see an interview with reporters, surnamed Xu said the owners come. Around 4 p.m., the owner of Mr. Lu came out, simply told reporters about the situation. According to him, the coordination will have two urban construction committee and the streets and developers Ningbo City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Greentown group and ten representatives of the owners to participate. The negotiations went smoothly, and the representatives of Greentown group apologized to the owners. Reporters from the conference minutes provided by Mr. Lu, for the owners unanimously asked for replacement of water pipes, developers expressed support, and in three days to give a reply, in October 20th within a week to provide maintenance programs. The housing did not see hidden works suffer because tap water can not be used normally, let Greentown Park residential owners suffered, they did not see them in room? Speaking of this, many owners say that money bought a big lesson. Owner Ms. Zhou said, when she was in the acceptance of a house, because it is a fine decoration, just look at the house appearance, such as the renovation process how to use the material, are qualified, for hidden pipes are not to check, after moving in, found that tap water can not be used, but it was too late. "Who would have thought the water would be a problem, this lesson is too heavy, I would like to use our experience to remind consumers to buy the housing, not only to be optimistic about the outside, it should pay more attention to, or may suffer!" Another owner Mr. Wang told reporters, when he found the room, the water in the pipes have great smell. At that time, he asked developers, the other told him, because the new house moved in less people, so the water pipe has peculiar smell, put more water, moved to more people, the water will be normal. But it’s been more than a year, and now the water is still like this, and he feels like he’s been fooled. Xie Yinzhong, who is the director of Zhejiang Qing and law firm, believes that developers should provide safe and qualified commodities to owners. Similar to the Ningbo center orchid garden this situation, if it is due to the developer, the delivery of housing.

宁波绿城兰园拖了一年多的水管问题达成初步解决意向业主树上挂矿泉水瓶表示抗议。记者 边城雨 摄本网10月13日报道的《绿城兰园居民排队到淋浴房洗澡》在社会上引起强烈反响。10月13日,相关部门召集业主代表、开发商等召开了一个协调会,最终达成了初步意向,开发商同意给业主更换水管。业主在门口挂矿泉水瓶抗议10月13日下午3点,记者来到江东绿城宁波中心兰园门口,看到有大批业主在此等待消息。一名姓斯的业主告诉记者,从2点开始,业主代表和开发商进行协商解决方案。在现场,记者看到几棵行道树上绑满了矿泉水瓶。一名业主对记者说,他们用此方法来抗议开发商的不作为,让他们受尽了吃不上水的苦。“这个房子是我花了600万元买的,每平方米28000元,搬进来之后,发现水不能用。只好将房子空了起来,又搬到外面租房子住。但愿今天能把问题解决掉,以后也可以住进新房子里。”看到记者采访,一名姓徐的业主过来说。下午4点左右,业主代表卢先生走了出来,简单向记者说了协商的情况。据他介绍,协调会有市区两级住建委和街道及开发商宁波都市房产开发有限公司、绿城集团及十名业主代表参加。协商会进行得相当顺利,绿城集团的代表向业主表示道歉。记者从卢先生提供的会议纪要里看到,对于业主一致要求更换水管,开发商表示给予支持,并在三天后给予答复,一周内即10月20日提供维修方案。验房没有看隐蔽工程吃了大亏因为自来水不能正常使用,让绿城兰园的小区业主吃了不少苦头,他们在验房时就没有看出来么?说起此事,不少业主都说花钱买了一个大教训。业主周女士说,她在验收房子的时候,因为是精装修,只是看了房子外表,例如装修工艺怎么样,用的材质合不合格,对于隐蔽的管道都没有去检查,搬进来之后,才发现自来水不能用,但为时已晚。“谁能想到水管会出问题,这个教训太惨重了,我想用我们的经历提醒那些准备买房的消费者,验房时不但外面要看好,里面也要多注意,不然可就惨了!”另一名业主王先生告诉记者,他验房的时候,发现水管里的水有很大的异味。当时他就问开发商方面的人员,对方告诉他说,因为新房子搬进来住的人少,所以水管有异味,把水多放放,搬进来的人多了,水就正常了。但是一直过了一年多,现在水还是这样子,他觉得当初被忽悠了。浙江正清和律师事务所主任律师谢银忠认为,开发商应向业主提供安全合格的商品。类似宁波中心兰园小区这样的情况,如果说是由于开发商的原因造成,交付的房屋存在质量瑕疵,作为业主方,在保修期内可以要求开发商予以修复或更换相应部件。如果业主此前已反映过,即使过了保修期,开发商也不能以此为由而免责。供水部门支招如何验收水管昨天(10月13日)下午,记者与市城管局供排水集团下属的自来水总公司取得了联系。供水部门提醒,随着全装修、精装修楼盘的发展趋势,建议用户在验房时应注意以下四点,如遇情况,及时与开发商、物业协商解决户内供水设施问题。一是居民新装修房子要注意:看坐厕下水是否顺畅,冲水声响是否正常,水箱是否能正常工作,很多坐厕会因为建筑垃圾而发生堵塞或不畅现象。二是业主要检查水表是否已安装,是否有水表空走、阀门关闭不严、阀门脱丝、连接件滴水等现象。发现水表空走说明水表已损坏或可能存在漏水点。三是水表读数是否正常。除了记录水表的数据外,看看在所有阀门关闭时,水表是否缓慢走动,检查上下水管道有无渗漏。四是打开龙头看是否有水,水质如何,是否有截止阀生锈影响水质。检查每一个水龙头,观察上下水管道有无渗、漏、堵现象。需要注意的是,尽可能让水流大一点、急一点,一来看看水压,二来试试排水速度。同时,建议重点了解入户管及辅助材料的材质和施工工艺,是否按照国家标准。相关的主题文章: