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UnCategorized British Gas has made a huge impact lately by significantly reducing gas tariffs. Consumers can seriously benefit from this reduction, especially amidst the crisis that has caused disarray in most people’s finances. The best thing about this company is that it offers the chance to combine common gas tariffs with other plans, such as electricity, in order to enjoy the best possible discounts. A run through the plans will help shed more light on the key features offered. The Websaver 3: An online gas tariff can be combined with this electricity plan, allowing consumers to save even more money. According to tests and comparisons, the average user will be able to save approximately 80 G.B.P’s on their gas and electricity bill. In case some of the users are cash or cheque customers, there is an option for additional discounts, up to 30 G.B.P’s, if they change the payment method to direct debit. Additional advantages of this plan include the paperless billing as a standard option. The Websaver 3 tariff is, currently, one of the most popular options among British Gas customers and is available to both existing and new customers. It is more reliable, as the customers have the chance to manage their account, measuring their meter on their own. This allows the customers to check or avoid any case of overcharging. Being confident about what you pay is very important, especially when it comes to large bills and large gas consumption. Those who prefer the typical billing system or do not want to opt for the self management system should try a different option, as the Websaver 3 is for those who are not using the prepaid system. It is, however, a system that allows the biggest possible savings in gas consumption, because the dual package offers clients the chance to read the meters themselves and achieve significant savings, while ensuring an honest and realistic bill. The Standard Gas Option: The standard gas tariff is also a new tariff by British Gas, allowing customers to save some money. It is open to both existing and new customers and it can be used and combined with both the credit and prepaid plans. Customers who opt for this plan can save up to 29 G.B.P’s for the direct debit payments and 15 G.B.P’s for the dual fuel. This means that the total discount is 44 G.B.P’s off, compared to an annual typical gas bill. This plan comes with no cancellation fees and is quite flexible as customers are not tied down to it for a particular amount of time. Additional discounts are available to customers who show additional loyalty, and they combine this plan with other ones, or to those who opt for the dual fuel plan. This plan is a great alternative to the Websaver 3, especially since there are customers who are not willing to make the readings themselves. However, the biggest discount is available to those who want to handle their account online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: