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Ouyang Fenjiang: "eye" exposed a new poster twin brother appalling – "eye", a Sohu entertainment devouring October 28th release version of the poster film Sohu entertainment news by "Jia Baoyu", directed by Ouyang Fenjiang, Wen Mengyang, LAN play starring horror thriller "sly eye" file October 28th. The film also released, devouring poster, picture style have continued the eerie style. The ancient legend of twin brother strange folk revival continued life "Xijing miscellanies" recorded in the "Xi Yin Wang Zujia (Zujia that is a soup, the son of a child, two), said:?, said: good health, to have to work, good?. Then, for the brother, to the good for the younger brother." This is the earliest in the history of twins described in folklore, twin brother can revive for life, but also for the other life. Of the identical twins, 15% of the fetus’s blood is transported from one to the other, the recipient is growing faster, while the other is slowing down, or even dying. The release of the film "eyes devouring" poster, is about the legend of identical twins. Eyes devouring horror story has all posters implied many "eyes" China history records, namely, "one eye, two eyes" refers to one eye has two pupils, second pupil eyes will see things, also known as dicoria. That is a kind of ancient physiognomy dicoria phase, Kyrgyzstan, a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity, is the symbol of the emperor. The history of Yu Shun, he is CHANGJEI, dicoria. The operation was that the twins are things, dicoria for bad omen, prone to disaster and contaminated with filth. The movie "sly eye", is about a series of droller dicoria body brothers encounter things, with "eyes devouring" poster, picture style and also before the release of several posters consistently similar, more implies the story and the development of the film. The movie "sly eye" as general producer by Cai Hong, Zhang Di, Kang Li served as producer, famous director Ouyang Fenjiang, Wen Mengyang, LAN play, starring. Cloud Na, Liao Yue, Zhong Xin research, starring Yang Xiangdong.相关的主题文章: