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Post office courier express packaging damaged weapon rights "after a sign" after a lot of good stuff, waiting for "double eleven" panic buying on the Internet, it can save a lot of money." In recent days, a lot of people meet the topic of adding a lot of content about online shopping. Once a year the "double eleven" business promotion season countdown, many electricity providers launched various promotions, profit sharing, pre-sale seckill, courier and other activities, the upcoming season. So, this year the city will take measures to deal with online shopping peak, to ensure that consumers receive timely express? If the shipment is delayed, lost, damaged, how consumers rights? Yesterday, the Municipal Postal Administration Combined with the recent hot consumer complaints, for "double eleven" express rights "weapon". Some people worry that prices must advance publicity, in the face of this demand, delivery costs will gone? In this regard, the staff Municipal Postal Administration, 30 days before the Spring Festival and other important festivals before and after large-scale e-commerce platform promotion period, other special circumstances form the courier business peak, courier companies should continue to provide services in the business city. Courier companies due to the increase in the cost of raising fees, or to provide legal holiday express value-added services and charges, should be explained to the user in advance, and to the public. In addition, courier business during the peak season, courier companies should continue to provide express delivery and delivery services, not allowed to stop or stop sending express. Should be the first inspection of the delivery of goods to the door, you are the first choice of inspection or sign? The reality of the problem so many people tangled. Every time I take delivery, courier is a force to hurry to sign." Zhao people often online shopping, she said, sent to the door, a lot of people want to first inspection, but the courier often require first sign. Express delivery is one of the most important part of the courier process. If the receipt of the goods, that is, depending on the quality of goods and courier service acquiescence." In this regard, the staff Municipal Postal Administration, in accordance with the national standard "express service", the first inspection or the first sign depends on the specific circumstances, that is to say, if the express packaging intact, the recipient should first sign. If the packaging was damaged the abnormal situation, we must first out of the box inspection and then sign. Barbaric sorting to heavy penalties when sorting courier items are often thrown, trample, this "barbaric sorting" phenomenon is in chronic illness. Last year, double eleven, the public Liu bought a glass on the Internet, after several days of waiting, and finally received the goods. However, when she opened the package, but found that although there are layers of shockproof sponge, but the cup is still broken into pieces, which is clearly a courier company in the distribution of a problem. City postal authority official said, if you find that there is indeed a brutal courier companies sorting, causing damage to the courier, etc., will be fined 10 thousand yuan by the postal administration. If the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 10 thousand yuan but not more than 30 thousand yuan shall be imposed. Precious fragile value from the Internet to buy "baby", after a bumpy road can be sent to the buyer.相关的主题文章: