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Private gangster over the A shares market: at the bottom of the shock "have a brilliant future" We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: private equity chiefs over the A shares market at the bottom of the shock: "have a brilliant future" reporter Wang Chengcheng, in the context of global liquidity, experienced a substantial adjustment after the A shares will decide on what path to follow? October 26th, in the third China north the Bund hedge fund summit in 2016, a number of private bigwigs gathered in a total of A shares outlook. Many agencies believe that from the perspective of asset allocation categories, A stock market will have a brilliant future ", although the index future space may be limited, but the opportunity to stock will not be absent. At the bottom of the shock or will continue to invest in the stock investment director Shi Wei said that the current market is very important background is the growth of the global downward and currency liquidity flooding, which has not happened before. The current stand point, bonds and real estate market from the pricing and valuation price has always been on the rise, the current valuation is not cheap, but the stock after a substantial adjustment, has become the higher price of assets. The judge is the stock at the bottom of the shock, but the index rangebound, stock investment should have a brilliant future. But have a brilliant future and not in the index level, but to force in the right direction, such as a space for the future development of the industry, will get a satisfactory return on investment." Shi Wei said. Hold this view more than a private Bo tao. The park assets chairman Yan Keyi pointed out that now the world is awash with liquidity, especially Chinese capital account is not fully open to the situation, a lot of money have no place to go, not so many basic industry to absorb funds, looking for the opportunity, this will eventually lead to all asset prices. "In the long run, the capital market 3-5 years will have great development opportunities, it is the current market opportunities for us." Yan Keyi judgment. The Milky Way fund stock investment director money Ruinan also said that the long term, stocks, equity investment is combined with the highest rate of return of assets, there is a lot of space and potential. And from the valuation point of view, compared with bonds, real estate, the current stock market has a comparative advantage. However, he also pointed out that at present there are many structural problems in the stock market, there are some low valuations, some of the high valuation, but the market as a whole, compared with other categories of asset value advantage is slowly highlights. Growth, blue chip opportunities coexist optimistic about the industry, Bo Road Investment Wei said, promising AI artificial intelligence industry. He said that if the 1-3 cycle from the point of view, education, health, sports and other industries have a lot of opportunities for innovation. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence, unmanned, medical applications and many places, the next few years may significantly change people’s lives, there will be a large market value of enterprises. The park is Keyi Yan assets promising pharmaceutical and electronics sector. "I have a little experience in general相关的主题文章: