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Qiao Renliang suspect because of depression depression Dutch act how to help friends September 16th night at 18:21, Putuo police received the alarm, said Qi Shun Road Taopu area of a residential building with a man’s death. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene investigation and disposal. After investigation, the death of the man for Joe Moumou (male, 28 years old, Shanghai people). After forensic identification, has ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is under investigation. Qiao Renliang brokerage team staff in the circle of friends issued a document, no matter how, in this world every day people leave, the way is different, since leaving, let him rest." Confirmed death. Qiao Renliang on the cause of death, speculation have, the Internet broke the news of suffocation SM. In this regard, Joe broker Kimi specifically clarified that Mr. Qiao Renliang died of depression suicide, not online rumors died of sex games. Since the diagnosis of depression since his illness. Therefore shishifa suddenly without warning, the company colleagues and family members are discussing funeral and descriptions, please do not believe rumors rumors, let the dead rest." What is the cause of depression? Cause analysis of a depression, psychological and social factors in recent years, psychological and social factors in affective disorders especially importance of depression occurrence and development, prevention and treatment, people pay more and more attention. A variety of major life events occur suddenly, or for a long time to continue to exist, resulting in an unpleasant emotional experience, the emotional experience of the more intense, more lasting, the greater its pathogenic role. Two, many somatic diseases and conditions, such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, hormonal disorders and advanced disease, often can lead to depression. If you or someone you know with somatic diseases, and indifferent symptoms or they can not solve the basic physiological needs, these symptoms may be emotional response to physical illness or subjective response, may also be the precursor of depression. A lot of people, three personality factors because of the growth environment of childhood shadow, lead character flaws, such as lack of confidence and inferiority, pessimism, and worrying about anything. A lot of this character defects in adulthood are likely to lead to depression and other mental disorders, which is one of the common causes of depression. Four, lead to sleep disorder sleep disorder long-term poor sleep quality, sleep time, lassitude, inattention, days and months multiplying cause mental abnormalities easily, cause depression, which is the most common cause of depression. There are friends to help depression, attention and support the general depression of things are not too big, so they are always alone, will not take the initiative to seek help. At this time, the need for friends and relatives around them to actively maintain attention, encourage and accompany them to overcome depression. To accompany them as much as possible, so that they feel the warmth around. Two, let him find a doctor for depression friends can not rely on grievances, most depression need medication. Because the care and treatment of depression. He.相关的主题文章: