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Equestrian in primary and secondary schools, students don’t become part of the privilege of recently proposed Guangdong province deputy governor Xu Ruisheng in the investigation of Guangzhou Conghua District Guangzhou equestrian field planning and construction, to accelerate the construction of the Guangzhou Asian Games, good heritage, learn from the advanced experience, without affecting the normal operation of the open channel, matching design for the public, to explore the equestrian learning into the school sports meet the conditions of the course. Like equestrian, golf, canoeing traditionally called noble sports in recent years, entered the classroom in primary and secondary schools in some developed areas in China, is not what news. For example, in early 2010, Beijing eleven School of equestrian class officially commenced, open to school riding lesson form is first in the country. Eleven School of equestrian course every time an ampere hour (45 minutes), the curriculum practice is one to one, so that the coach can understand the depth of each student. A few years later, there were more than and 300 students who were trained in horsemanship. Eleven but what is school, you will know the search. If you like this school, and only a few students can repair the equestrian class, as can be imagined, it entered ordinary schools, will face many obstacles: both funding problems, there are problems and supporting teachers. Hangzhou reported a private Chongwen Experimental School Games opening ceremony of the "discovered" pupils Equestrian Team thing a few months before the media. The school size of more than 1 thousand people, there are 27 people learn to ride outside school. Some parents said, children learn horsemanship, a year tuition is forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan; if you buy a horse, a horse to horse 1 million yuan; nursing cost about 10 thousand yuan per month. So, when the school sports meeting opening ceremony of some children riding a tall and strong entrance, so that some parents of children screaming too much, afraid of children have psychological comparisons, increase the pressure of parents. In fact, now, even let the children learn the piano, in the big city, the annual money may also be forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan. But did not seem to have heard the piano into the slogan of primary and secondary schools, there are few schools interested in piano classes in school. Because the site equipment, is the problem, not necessarily to guarantee the students’ practice time; secondly, there is the stage of compulsory education education popularization of such a task, the piano can be considered of interest, is overstating, but more parents of private investment. Regardless of economic conditions in primary and middle school students’ family, or in some colleges and universities in recent years, the study of elective "noble sport", in fact, in addition to meet the interest, improve quality, more out of the investment in the future, to achieve "upward mobility" advantage considerations in culture. The movement itself, without distinction, the nobility of civilians. Some of the history of a small number of people’s sports privileges, with the promotion of business, education democratization, gradually get rid of the aristocracy. For example, we used to think that playing tennis is very advanced, and now more tennis courts, learning to play convenient, and gradually not so noble. The same is true of golf, like playing a game of golf in Australia, only one hundred or two hundred yuan there, with the popularity of swing putting practice, these target canopy covers an area of small, detachable golf teaching auxiliary equipment, to open a golf course school, not a fable. Equestrian for horses,.相关的主题文章: