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Business When it comes to choosing a commercial refrigerator there are many parameters to take into consideration. These may be anything from power consumption to the environmental friendliness of the product, to its expected lifetime maintenance costs, to its standard feature set, to the overall build quality of the product. In the United Kingdom there is one refrigeration company whose products excel in these criteria and more. Foster refrigerators are a leading name in commercial refrigeration. With a wide range of designs in commercial refrigerators and freezers the company is well poised to take the challenge to the competition and give clients great value for their money. Let us see what makes Foster fridge so popular among commercial establishments throughout Europe. The product line of the company is very well categorized into Refrigeration cabinets, Freezer cabinets, Blast Chillers & Freezers, Slimline cabinets, Undercounter cabinets, Food Preparation counters, Multidecks and more. In each of these categories there are a wide range of models to choose from varying in capacity, footprint and power consumption. So whether you need a small footprint unit to blast freeze food in minutes to meet European food safety guidelines or a larger unit to store up to 1350 litres of chilled food you will always find a solution within the Foster brand. However what really sets Foster apart from the competition is the build quality of its products. The trust associated with the brand has made it a favorite choice among commercial establishments. Foster is the only refrigerator in the U.K. to receive the ISO 14001 the recognized international standard in Environmental Management Systems. There is a warranty for the service and spare parts for a period of 12 months. So, when a commercial establishment buys any Foster fridge, be it a large Foster double door fridge, a glass fronted Foster wine fridge what-have-you, they can be confident that they do not have to budget another penny for its maintenance, servicing etc for the first year. Next, let us check out the various designs of the fridges. All Foster fridges are designed to give the maximum storage space for the minimum footprint, ensuring cheaper running costs to the consumer. Foster are committed to spending a substantial portion of its revenues on R&D, which helps to keep the company ahead of competition. The companys best selling ranges are the Premier and Gastro Pro Ranges of fridges and freezers. The Premier range is priced slightly higher than the Gastro Pro Range but that does not mean that the Gastro Pro range is in any way inferior in quality; simply that some of the value adding features found on the Premier range are excluded from the Gastro Pro range. Other popular ranges include the Foster Slimline range of refrigerators and the Foster Blast Chiller range. Foster Slimline refrigerators are designed to fit into more confined spaces without loosing the flexibility of storage for which Foster are renowned and loosing only a minimum of overall storage capacity. The innovative Foster Blast Chilling and Freezing range spreads across a whole host of designs, applications and benefits. From Cabinets and Undercounter models, the QC Economy Model right through to the Controlled Thaw Cabinets Foster are clearly putting food safety first! The Trolley Loading Cabinet Blast Chillers are designed specifically for combi trolley compatibility and combined with the Modular Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers and ideal for volume catering and processing. The Foster tray loading cabinet range provides the ideal way to ensure quality and food safety is maximised in EVERY kitchen, large or small, whilst The New Foster FXBC 10 is ideal for smaller outlets, enabling them to meet the new food safety laws without breaking the bank. Despite the superior quality of all Foster products they remain extremely competitively priced making it a simple financial decision to own a Foster Fridge. The durability of the products means that when you take the likely overall lifetime of the product and maintenance costs for the product over that lifetime into consideration there really is no alternative. With a prompt after sales service and wide network of dealers and after sales specialists Foster is giving other companies a run for their money. To know more about Foster products you can browse through the website and check details on the full range. It is possible to order, pay for and organise your free delivery within the UK mainland all online. If you are looking for a fridge for your commercial establishment check out today, I am sure you will not be disappointed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: