Shandong crazy lottery betting preference 100 times regret missing 500 million bianzhao to turn over


Shandong crazy lottery betting preference 100 times regret missing 500 million bianzhao to turn over Shandong hardcore lottery regret missing the grand prize of 500 million in October 11th, the double chromosphere out of 2016119th winning numbers 09, 19, 21: red, 30, 31, 32; 04. According to the Shandong lottery betting station news, Yantai No. 37068128 color friend Zhang (a pseudonym) third-prize current won 100 note, gains a bonus of 300 thousand yuan. According to the truth in the 300 thousand Grand Prix is a great thing, but I was also pleased how it is, but it is a pity. Originally, Zhang was a big winner old friend of color, the family economic situation is good, the love game on weekdays is Shuangseqiu lottery, years of experience that he has trained a pair of piercing eye ", it is won numerous awards. I only had time to study the color station number trend, often sit for four or five hours. But often one hundred times the single bets, each invested 200 yuan, according to Zhang’s own words, in China to a large, once winning to million Yuan grand prize. On the afternoon of October 11th, Zhang old habits to color early brewed tea research station, from the current number trend. After a period of deliberation and Zhang usual finalized a 6 plus 1 single number, then 100 times more betting. Unexpectedly, the winning numbers and the day out of the old so close, only a red ball! But a difference! Although only a red number, but in the bonus but much worse, according to the current color ball first prize 926 yuan to count, 100 note first prize, a bonus of up to 926 million yuan, if calculated in accordance with a single injection of 500 million, that is 500 million yuan astronomical. But because of the wrong to third-prize 100 note Shuangseqiu a red ball only, bonuses totaling only 300 thousand yuan…… Because Zhang 500 million Yuan grand prize and rub shoulders feel regret, but he also said, he still won’t give up. He said: "the betting times can impact the super jackpot, even million Yuan grand prize, but also have the disadvantage of fire is too concentrated, so that narrowed the selection range, thereby reducing the winning concept, will try Dantuo or multiple bets, the ‘egg’ in a basket, increase the winning rate, next time no longer let slip away win." Shuangseqiu in the history of the largest 900 million faction award before, around the frequent burst error loss million lottery prize. The same is in the double chromosphere 16119th lottery in Fujian, Jinjiang a lottery because want to spend the 400 yuan bonus, and hit the current 204 note two, harvest 12 million 310 thousand also because 1 of the grand prize of 1 billion basketball error loss. The two friends at the same time in Shandong and Fujian over the same period of time to vote, gambling, winning over the same period, the same period missed billion yuan. They are both fortunate and unfortunate. However, because of the double chromosphere lottery is a random event, whether more winning, prize, can expect, have this amazing coincidence, and this is the charm of the double chromosphere.相关的主题文章: