Shanghai City medical relief regulations this emergency relief does not bear responsibility


Shanghai City Medical Relief Regulations today the implementation of emergency relief assistance does not bear responsibility exemption, break the "collective silence today", "Shanghai City Emergency Medical Service Ordinance" was officially implemented. Known as the good law, the law clearly stipulates that emergency on-site rescue behavior is protected by law, causing harm to patients, does not assume legal responsibility. Insight pointed out that emergency relief is expected to promote the popularization of public places AED applications, thereby increasing the rate of sudden death treatment. The biggest worry: saving is not anti responsibility in recent years, public sudden illness, no rescue, no one dare to save the case occurred frequently. Similar to the collective silence repeated, why? According to the survey, when someone in an emergency situation, do not understand the knowledge of first aid respondents, to 120 for help, not rashly help accounted for 74.3%, to help the 11.3% onlookers, accounted for 6%, leaving 8.4%; and to understand the knowledge of first aid respondents, 36.8% of people said they would not hesitate to first aid 58.2% people have concerns, 5% of people said never to touch. It is interesting that when asked if the law provides emergency relief, you will not hesitate to help you, 93.9% of people said". According to the survey, the respondents have only 5% of emergency aid, only part of the total accounted for 54.6%, all the master but no evidence of a total of 11.1%, will not be the ratio of 29.3%. Therefore, do not save, dare to heal is "two important push silence". Legislation clear: public places must first aid to solve the problem will not save, one is to increase the intensity of training, two is the popularity of AED coverage in public places." Shanghai medical emergency center director Zhu Qinzhong told reporters. It is reported that the number of deaths in China each year, 550 thousand of sudden cardiac death, at least more than 1 thousand and 500 people a day, of which less than 1% people were rescued, only reached the United States of America’s 13. Zhu Qinzhong said that sudden cardiac death has an emergency platinum 10 minutes red line. Because the heart and renal tubular cells are irreversibly oxygen free for 30 minutes, the liver cells are able to support hypoxia for only 1-2 hours, while the brain cells have almost no storage of oxygen and glucose, which will run out in about 4 minutes. Comprehensive data show that within 10 minutes without cardiopulmonary resuscitation, survival rate is very low. On the other hand, completed the first defibrillation within 3-5 minutes, sudden death is most likely to survive. Zhu Qinzhong said, AED is an automatic defibrillator similar "camera", not only ordinary people first aid knowledge after 30 minutes of training to learn to use, simple operation can be made to improve the success rate of recovery of 2-3 times, the survival rate increased by 49%. The reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Congress, "the Shanghai City Emergency Medical Service Ordinance" clearly stipulates that in the future the rail stations and airports and other transportation hubs, schools, stadiums, cultural entertainment, shopping malls, hotels, attractions and other crowded places, must be equipped with emergency device. Disclaimer: emergency assistance does not bear the responsibility of AED belong to the third category of medical devices, the current law only相关的主题文章: