Shanghai KFC sued WeChat to pay alleged infringement ca1816


Shanghai KFC was indicted: the use of WeChat to pay the alleged infringement of Shanghai KFC was indicted: the use of WeChat payment alleged infringement recently, WeChat payment encountered trouble. The day before, Beijing Zhongxin Yinbao pass Payment Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "silver company") to "Kentucky" use "WeChat to pay" suspected to constitute trademark infringement grounds, will Shanghai KFC Co. Ltd Shanghai Yangpu District people’s court, asking the court to order the defendant to immediately stop in any way the use of "WeChat" trademark to provide payment the destruction of financial services, placed in its place of business "WeChat" advertising, to order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff economic loss of approximately 500 thousand yuan rmb. The day before, Shanghai Yangpu District City People’s Court on the case acceptance notice, and will be formally opened, opened on December 1st. The silver Baotong company said in early May 2011, the company began to use a "WeChat" logo trademarks of services in the fields of financial services. In July 20, 2011, the company used Yinbao "WeChat" trademark by the financial services, the shares of the company it Zhongxin Aetna Investment Development Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhongxin Aetna") to the State Administration of trademark Industrial and Commercial Bureau proposed thirty-sixth types of financial services in the "classification" in the trademark registration application registered trademark "WeChat". Zhongxin Aetna "WeChat" registered trademark rights through a written contract, permission to engage in financial services to the plaintiff’s business, publicly issued a "WeChat" logo are registered trademarks of payment card. As of November 2015, the silver Baotong company paid to Zhongxin investment Aetna trademark license total cost of about 2100000 yuan. The company said they Yinbao, Zhongxin and Aetna have never the "WeChat" trademark license in any form to natural persons, legal persons or other organizations outside of the plaintiff and the defendant to use, without the permission of the registered trademark, the same kind of service standard, namely financial payment, receivables, electronic transfers and other organizations the service items, and use the "WeChat" trademark identical financial service standard, already constitute infringement. WeChat payment business has been very common, resulting in the case of trademark infringement will appear more defendants, worthy of attention. Hot news: Shanghai prosecutors on suspicion of bribery Dai Haibo, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed owner: tomorrow is 200 +3 the people buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team dinner for Conca Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) He Jiong was rushed to the hospital in Shanghai the operation due to metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Wednesday the temperature only 10 degrees to 7 degrees to cool the cliff next week相关的主题文章: