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Shanghai Pudong government cloud: free trade era   crack information sharing three cross difficult – Shanghai Channel – People’s editor’s note: on September 29, 2016, China (Shanghai) free trade test area ushered in the listing of the three anniversary. As the first free trade zone, the reform of "testing", three years, Shanghai FTA test area to institutional innovation as the core task in the construction of legalization, internationalization, facilitation of business environment, the international standard level of investment and trade facilitation, promote financial system innovation, the reform a large number of attempts and innovation, improve the efficient supervision very fruitful. Three years ago, the government introduced the reform and innovation initiatives? Enterprises and markets reflect how? Near future FTA will go where? Recently, the people’s Daily reporter visited the relevant government departments and enterprises, summed up the free trade area of the past three years, all the way to look forward to a better future fta. Shanghai on 8 October, (Han Qing) "cross bar resource integration difficult, inter departmental information sharing and business collaboration across the field to" "three cross", to a certain extent, the weakening of the inter departmental information sharing efforts and depth, restricting government information can enhance the force of modernization of government management. Shanghai Pudong New Area deputy director of the Commission by letter Zhang Aiping said, "the root cause of three span difficult": information "plots" difficult to eradicate, compartmentalization of information exchange is not smooth, the support system is not complete, the system specification is not very perfect. The Pudong times after entering the FTA, the government must meet the new requirements of "who who regulatory approval, whoever is in charge of supervision of the market behavior, cancel part approval, may appear between the approval and supervision of information fault zone". The three anniversary of the completion of the FTA, take a series of reforms. In the event of post supervision as the core of the need for the transformation of government functions, the importance of information sharing has been self-evident. How to break the board? Shanghai, Pudong New Area, along the way seeking art, with the Internet technology and thinking to explore a new path. The top-level design on the transformation of government functions of "Dao" and "iPudong2020" — "Pudong New Area city planning" wisdom and information in 13th Five-Year; "Pudong New Area on strengthening the informatization construction of a number of opinions", "Pudong New Area to further strengthen the construction of social credit system in a number of opinions"; "Pudong New Area e-government information resources sharing and management measures", "Pudong New Area CIO system implementation approach" and "Pudong New Area network and information security management measures" (perfect); "the government information resource catalog system dynamic norms" and "unified government information encoding rules", "electronic seal application rules" and "detailed rules for the implementation of informatization project performance evaluation"…… A planning closely Pudong theme of development; two on ten years of failed; three ways of four precise and detailed standards. Over the past year, a series of guiding system, opinions, methods and implementation details intensive launch. "1234" behind the show is the perfect Pudong top-level design step by step. To this end, Pudong New Area has also issued a special wisdom of the city of Pudong New Area special fund management approach, the government financial contribution of the information project clear four相关的主题文章: