She is May day sister KTV will sing the original song, did Beijing played mixed (video) 姉summer


She is May day sister KTV will sing the original song, did the jingle played mixed Beijing [Abstract] period "not what to do", every day go to the company’s mission is to help the elder sister newspaper: "at that time the company every day there are a lot of newspapers, I see their news cut down, and then follow the day posted in the book, will also help clean." Beijing News jingle "I love him, the most crazy with vigour and vitality……" "If the far and near clear, you are free……" Mention of jingling, maybe most people first come to mind, is that every time I go to KTV will point the idol drama theme song, but in BaiZhuanQianHui high singing, you may not know, the song debuted the millionaire wanted to be a singer to sing and dance; May day fans, or jingling their idols the preference of younger, but in times of the opening concert heard her leading open voice, you may not know, jingle is after Faye Wong, Na Ying, Song Zuying, one of the few who boarded the Taipei arena concert singer of the mainland; for love watch music variety show the audience, "jingle or masked the singer" black lipstick singing "qiannianzhilian" black swan, but she won the king off the mask, the moment of tears, you may not know, go in Before the stage, has experienced many twists and turns of jingling. In order to be held in Beijing Exhibition Theatre in September 24th, "I love you love Xi song" concert, jingling accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing news. In chatting about these ups and downs of the "surface" and "back", jingle or laugh, or laugh, or slightly sigh, "along the way, there had been so many stories to share with you," at the end of the interview, she said, "thank you very much for these experiences, they are my wealth." When listening to the music jingle Qiong Yao drama theme song, formerly known as Wu Xian, born in 1982 in Zhejiang of Jiaxing. Yes, she was famous in Taiwan, but not taiwanese. And many later took the singer of this road counterparts, were also grew up in a musical family. "My dad is a talented person, he can play the flute, erhu, violin, and are self-taught, when I was young I saw where he exercises all day, he will see the staff, sometimes also teach me how to see." Recall that when things were full of happiness on his face, "my mother is singing opera, when we have a vinyl record. My mother at home to sing, I followed the hem. When my mother is not at home, I will wear her clothes, music, with a throw, and once we cut the curtains of the home, the two sides sewn up on the dance." Due to the influence of the parents, the music has been ringing interest + specialty, primary school also accepted the Solfeggio and training. "So, as long as the primary school as long as there is a singing competition in the school, the teacher asked who to attend, all the students to see me." "Diva Idol" is a title for the fans, ringing she said, perhaps this can be traced back to her childhood love watching TV: "I will follow the TV drama school Qiong Yao sing the theme song," blue sky "and" journey to the west "ah, these summer drama just begin sowing I will.相关的主题文章: