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Sheenah strong response to suppress the Wu Xin incident, and finally, the truth out of the way out of the truth of the case, and finally, the truth of the incident, and finally, the! Small make up want to say what? As soon as the senior powder, just want to say happy family for so many years, really is the most harmonious group. For the audience, perhaps they are just a team, to create a program for us. But for them, it’s really a family like existence. Together in the movie, the album even said to live together, they are also together from obscurity to today! Perhaps you think when Wu Xin Sheenah said don’t have forgotten them so many years really cry on each other’s shoulder, together with the groundless talk. Perhaps because there is a friendship that He Jiong Sheenah’s sensational, let us feel the relationship with Sheenah Wu Xin seems not Zeyang, but between Wu Xin and Sheenah will each other could not suppress the situation? Sheenah’s Wedding Bridesmaid has three people, one is the best friend Li Xiaoran, an early Bowie Tseng is crawling together, a working partner Wu Xin for many years. Wu Xin is not nearly two years to get most of the audience recognized at the time, her fans each attack with male guests will be interactive, or Sheenah said on the stage don’t blame Xinxin ah, will also invite Wu Xin male God ah ~ all just need to work. For so many years the people have been so, they are familiar with each other, the audience is also accepted this set, must let Wu Xin go to the master is not suppressed? Some people say that Wu Xin "white lotus", but she’s really not for! She ‘s just a lazy girl. Micro-blog propaganda for Zhang Jie is also very timely, if there is really a comment on the idea of Sheenah, in fact, you can not advertise Zhang Jie. This year Wu Xin also managed to be found in "the ultimate challenge", "my new clothes", and this topic is also more and more. Look at the age of Wu Xin, she is not just the debut of the little girl, to participate in a number of programs to further show that there is nothing wrong with ah! On the relationship, Sheenah does not belong to the staff of Hunan, how to suppress it?…… In the sound group net "Sheenah" in my song for her was full of gratitude, thank her for everyone has a fair chance to speak. If it is not a very good relationship, also do not have the relationship to watch the Zhang Jie concert and send flower basket along for years we need these people across the screen can not see the real scene of people to judge? Xiao Bian only hope to be able to continue to read "Ben". Take this period, although very small love Reba them, but they were doing the game really fall through is no reaction ah. Ah, I think Wu Xin is quite suitable for this fashion, really nice!相关的主题文章: