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Shenyang – a man holding a knife robbed pupils 318 yuan was sentenced in ten years and two months – Sohu news Shenyang – a young man holding a knife in a primary school near the robbery of a total of more than $318 pupils. September 14th, Huanggu District People’s court sentenced the young man was sentenced to imprisonment in ten years and two months. Xiao Ming is a primary school student in Huanggu. July 2015 – Yao, Xiao Ming in the school by two young men stopped, "put the money in your pocket and bring me out. Come on, if you don’t, I’ll hit you, "he said, seeing two men holding a knife in their hands, so that they would be able to take out their lunch money. Coincidentally. The pupils also in the school is small bright two men armed with knives robbed, other threats to small light second days to give money, or see a play once scared little do not dare to go to school. Small bright parents know son after the robbery, the police to the public security organs. In October 2015, the police will suspect Shimou and arrest a tour. History says nothing is wandering around the school, because there is no money to eat, so they started to the pupils. If found, a history and a tour two knife robbed Xiao Ming, Xiao Liang, Shimou also together with others robbed a total of 318 yuan in cash, robbery. Huanggu District People’s court that, Shimou, a tour of several robbery constituted the crime of robbery with a knife, a verbal threat, according to the judgment of history of a prison in ten years and two months, a tour of a four years and ten months imprisonment, and a fine of around $1000. The judge interpretation of robbery crime is a felony regardless of the amount of 318 yuan will be robbing won the penalty? Judge handling the case said no matter whether the suspect has property, regardless of the size of the value of the stolen property, as long as it is to the illegal possession for Q, taking the spot of violence or threats of violence means, would constitute the crime of robbery. "Huge amount" and "causing especially serious disability or death" is the two episode of heavier punishment. As long as the implementation of the robbery, constitute a crime. Robbery and murder, arson is a felony, robbery is sentenced to a maximum of three years can be sentenced to death.相关的主题文章: