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The Sichuan men’s basketball team warm-up match negative champions will go to Seoul "battle" new signings Liu Wei September 29 Chengdu Xinhua (Luo Yu) 7:30 last night, the Champions League China opener in Sichuan province stadium, on the CBA Championship Sichuan team against the European champion Moss of the central army. In the face of the European champions, the lack of Hadadi’s performance in Sichuan can be described as "out of control". 49 to 92, the Sichuan men’s basketball team lost no suspense to set off the Asian Club Championship before the final warm-up match. Unable to attack defense in a disastrous state Champions Sichuan negative first start, the central army will show extremely adept with three shots, 8 to 2 lead. The Sichuan side in addition to Harris free throws to get 2 extra, the rest of the players have not entered the state. With the deepening of the game, the central army gradually side to show the European champion and ferocious, obvious physical advantage and strong tactical discipline. The wonderful performance, make some Sichuan fans present "road turn pink, not hesitate to offer the applause. In the second quarter, Sichuan replaced some of the main players. Although the bench players played very hard, but too big but the strength gap, these players in tight under the opponent can’t find too many ways to attack, or blind shots or passes, until the end of the first half, the Sichuan team did the gains three points. At the end of the half, Sichuan 27 to 49 behind, according to the strength of the contrast and the state of the game, the game is actually not much suspense. The third section, the Sichuan team of foreign aid Harris in the process of foreign investment with 7 points, the team had the game’s first three points. However, the central army team has no chance to give the home team, with a 27 point lead into the final section. Details have been completely reduced to "waste of time", the Sichuan team put the entire class. But in addition to 4 minutes before Wang Ruheng hit a fast break layup, Sichuan team scoreless. Subsequently, CBA champions defense opponents hit in a disastrous state, the final 48 to 91 score lost. Against the European Championship? The two teams are not in a grade, these two teams are not on a grade, equivalent to the gap between Hengda and Bayern." "If more careful lest lose very ugly."…… These are in the scene to watch the central champion of the war fans of the words from the bottom of the heart. Moscow Central Army is Russia’s most famous basketball club, in Europe, the Moscow Central army won 7 times, second only to win the Spanish Real Madrid basketball club, the 9 time. If this is not enough to describe the central army team to play a deterrent effect, then watch the game, we should all know the weight of the champions. The impression of European teams, in addition to having a strong team work ability and mean what one says tactical discipline, each player automatically carrying the "almighty attribute" can help them in the game "rolling" opponent. Last night’s game, Sichuan player was apparently tough opponent stunned. The central army has been tough on the defensive side but not reckless. It is a highly efficient and decisive player on the offensive side. They are like a high speed and accurate machine that always gives the ball to the right position. When one’s own line of defense!相关的主题文章: