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Sichuan Neijiang false love clothes collection box clothing more unknown – old clothes recycling box Beijing Neijiang Bao Sen Xingcheng District placed since last year, Neijiang city is part of the district have old clothes recycling bins to love the name of donation, donation high enthusiasm of residents. Recently, learned that volunteers from the district visited the district residents, some of the bins are non qualified volunteers association in false collecting old clothes, clothes and unaccounted for. In this regard, the Chengdu Daily reporter found that in Neijiang there are more than one cell appears the name of a "association" fraudulent use of Neijiang volunteer association or the District of Neijiang city volunteers association, to carry out recycling old clothes donation activities in the name of. The name of Neijiang city volunteers association said the firefly donated a batch of old clothes to the capital in the "barosaurus home", but the heavy dragon town homes but that they had not received the old clothes…… In addition, there are people claiming to be a Zhejiang company recycling old clothes donated to the poor areas in Neijiang, and that is to talk about cooperation and Neijiang City CDPF, is about to get approval, but Neijiang City CDPF told Chengdu Daily reporter confirmed that has not received similar cooperation talks. Strange district now "love" the old clothes recycling bins placed half for the Neijiang volunteer association did not carry out this activity, but the association actually appeared in old clothes recycling bins on Liu lived in Neijiang City Guanghui City Garden District, she still remember the end of last year, a group of volunteers to put old clothes recycling area box. On the box to write love donations and other words, but can not remember exactly which organization. The volunteers said that the old clothes were donated to the poor areas of Qinghai, Tibet and other places." Liu said, at that time, she and many residents have donated old clothes. The same city and Guanghui Garden District, Neijiang City, Jiangcheng garden, Fu Ming Yuan on the East, Hanan international, Begonia Garden, many areas have appeared in old clothes recycling bins to "love donation" in the name of the. Sometimes a barrel a day, those who open a van every day to take away the old clothes, sometimes a few days a day can pull a car." A district security said. "I don’t know what the organization is doing, but I remember Neijiang, Ziyang and other places." Fu Ming Yuan a property staff said. Since last year, Neijiang has appeared in a number of old clothes recycling bins. "They are generally placed in a small area of about half a month, and then to another cell." In Neijiang, there are many volunteers association. Previously, the associations are thought to be other associations in the development of old clothes recycling activities." Neijiang city volunteers association responsible person, until the beginning of November, Neijiang Volunteers Association in the QQ group chat when talking about the matter, found no association in old clothes recycling activities. Subsequently, the volunteers visited a number of residential areas in the city of Neijiang found that the district appeared on the old clothes recycling box or printed with the Neijiang Volunteer Association, or leave a two-dimensional code, volunteer and telephone number. Volunteers Association of Neijiang by the head of the association of volunteers served as chairman, secretary general, usually did not carry out such activities." The responsible person also said in Neijiang that "volunteer" only Neijiang yigonglian, but the Neijiang volunteer Union also did not carry out old clothes recycling activities.相关的主题文章: