Sina moviegoing Xing also Mid Autumn Festival tickets free


Sina moviegoing "Xing also" Mid Autumn Festival tickets [free viewing time and place on Friday September 16, 2016 (Mid Autumn Festival screenings) pending Beijing Jin Yi studios Chaoyang Joy City store [30] viewing the number of people (15 to 2 per ticket) []: click on the movie "rules of engagement" is the murderer the event page [free tickets] according to the rules of information can be left. [job] please view you and your friends are going to go after viewing the end within 24 hours to the movie "the murderer" also comment page, submit your score and real viewing experience, publication format: @ @ Sina moviegoing movie hunt also administrative micro-blog   + real; viewing feeling. Review tips: (with the PC client computer into the comment page, click [comment] to write long real viewing experience, please control words more than 140 words, write more carefully in the future viewing opportunities but more Oh, thanks for your cooperation, not submitted or copy will be blacklisted, please cherish you the viewing opportunity). [ticket tips] 1) as long as the activities of the rules, each one is very standardized according to the requirements, the probability of winning will be very big oh! 2) if you have participated in the activities and according to the requirements for the film to play too seriously written reviews of users, welcome to put your past work links when signing up, we will choose your preferred! [activity place and route address: Beijing Chaoyang District Chaoyang Road No. 101 North City 8. Route: take 991, 75, 675, 306, 682, 628, 126, 111, 468, 494, express 499 to youth intersection north station; Metro Line 6 to Qingnian Road station, Chaoyang joy straight driving route: behind Chaoyang North Road and Qingnian Road intersection of city underground parking lot. [introduction] the film title: "the murderer is" director: Cao Baoping, Zhang Yi, starring Liu Ye Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo: drama, comedy, crime, Chinese country area: release: 2016-09-14 Runtime: 110 min. a cruel story: murder occurred quietly in the remote western village, hanbow Auto repair the second industry of Song Dynasty (Liu Ye) as the first suspect by the police push. This would allow three people meet: hanbow mechanic, young Wang Youquan and Dick song (segment Bo ornaments), Captain Dong Xiaofeng (Zhang Yishi) fate nightclub involved with each other, in the wild west staged a black battle full of ridicule. [note] each viewing activities are required to participate in the activities I arrived at the scene to verify the true identity of attendance tickets, do not replace the viewing, such as to leave at least half a day (6 hours) for effective. We are not responsible for the absence of our presence. Once the event is found to be transferred to the transfer, sale and other irregularities, will immediately cancel their activities and included in the system blacklist, please cherish your viewing opportunities, thank you for your cooperation. [off)相关的主题文章: