Student Zhang Yongjing’s works exhibition held in Tianjin


Student Zhang Yongjing’s works exhibition held in Tianjin November 12, 2016 morning ten, sponsored by Tianjin Artists Association, Nankai University Department of Oriental Art, Tianjin city library "– Zhang Yongjing and fruitful exhibition opened at the Tianjin Cultural Center Library hall, famous painter, Nankai University Department of Oriental Art Professor Zhang Yongjing brought 12 disciples to give 100 painting and calligraphy art works. The opening ceremony of the exhibition guests photo, from left to right: Yan Ping, He Jiaying, Yang Deshu, Zhang Yongjing, Feng Yuan, Tang Yongli, Aixinjueluo, Yong carrying the opening day, many artists to visit the exhibition, the famous painter Feng Yuan, Tang Yongli, Huo Chunyang, He Jiaying and Wang Shuping to visit the exhibition, and spoke highly of the works of Zhang Yongjing and his students. The exhibition after the opening ceremony, Professor Zhang Yongjing and scene painter, critic on the inheritance and innovation of Chinese painting art research, combined with the results of traditional Chinese painting exhibition, heritage education in-depth exchanges. Yang Deshu, Tangyongli, von Zhang Yongjing, He Jiaying visited the exhibition, seminar professor Zhang Yongjing Qingeng in art, especially in painting said, the style is elegant, Xijinqianhua, verticalization in Wonderland, Tiancheng, for heavy people. At nearly forty years, which enlighten the enlightenment, bred numerous painting elite, have many pupils, contribution. Professor Zhang Yongjing’s artistic achievements and artistic education achievements in this exhibition were fully presented. The guests and artists Feng Yuan photo of Mr. Huo Chunyang to participate in the exhibition of the artists are: Xueyang, Zhuang Yingjie, Liu Qiang, Hector Zhang Jun, Hector Yinghai, Wang Yan, Qi Wei, Liu Miao, Zheng Niannian, Xu Zhenfei, Yin Xianzu, Zhu Hongshuai. It is reported that the exhibition will last until November 18th, the audience can visit free. Accept the Tianjin TV interview on behalf of flowers to the teacher Zhang Yongjing students相关的主题文章: