Tan suburban today according to the basic operation test run Zhuzhou south to the Changsha Railway S oboni


Tan suburban today according to the basic operation test run Zhuzhou south to the Changsha Railway Station 39 minutes will be the fastest running in Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan City Rail Zhuzhou evening news November 18th (reporter Xiao Rong correspondent Xu Hao) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou Railway Group, the successful completion of the FBI test, train test run after today Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, Chengtie train no-load test of EMU trains according to basic train diagram. During the day, the maximum number of trains running trains 27 pairs, of which Changsha to Zhuzhou between the opening of the 11 pairs, Changsha to Xiangtan between the opening of the 16 pairs. Operation time is 7:00 to 23:04 Tan suburban trial operation is divided into two stages. Since November 11th, the first phase of the operation of EMU test train, the train operation diagram of the technical parameters of the test, and co-ordinate arrangements for fault simulation exercises, emergency scenarios, such as drill. Starting today, enter the second phase, according to the basic train operation chart no-load test EMU trains, and co-ordinate arrangements for safety assessment and other work. Tan suburban during the test run, between Changsha Railway Station and Zhuzhou station, every 1 hours of operation. The first trip to Zhuzhou from Changsha station C prefix EMU train C6913, 7:00 in the morning from the Changsha Railway Station, the station, camphor trees Ridge Road station, Hunan Road station, Dong Jing Station, XianFeng Railway Station, Furong south station, Muyun station, dock nine Lang Shan station, Tian Xindong station, Dafeng Railway Station, Zhuzhou South Station 4 the site within Zhuzhou City, because of the way the Zhuzhou Railway Station has not been built without stopping. The total times lasted 1 hours and 10 minutes later, 8:10 arrived in Zhuzhou South station. 8:20, return trips C6914 EMU train back to Changsha Railway Station from Zhuzhou station, Zhuzhou Railway Station and the station along the way Tian Xindong does not stop at. The last trip EMU train from Changsha Railway Station to Zhuzhou South Station C6925, 21:00, 21:54 to the south of Zhuzhou. The last trip back to Zhuzhou South Station Changsha train is C6926, 22:10, 23:04 to Changsha Railway Station. The official opening time has not yet determined the railway staff, the site is set during the trial run time is a minute and a half minutes. Also, not every train will stop at all stations along the route, but the staggered layout of docking site. Therefore, from Zhuzhou south to the Changsha Railway Station, the longest duration is 1 hours and 10 minutes, and the shortest is only 39 minutes from Changsha Railway Station, such as 9:35 CDB C6913 times, the way only stops Dafeng Railway Station, arrived at 10:14 in southern Zhuzhou. After the official opening, visitors can according to the operation time and to choose the right train station. During the test run, the Guangzhou Railway Group staff in accordance with the formal operation procedures and work standards organization of train operation, ensure the operation before the end of the experiment equipment and personnel have reached the standard of intercity railway opened operations. At present, the Changzhutan suburban railway official opening time has not been determined. Then, when the formal operation Chengtie train number and time and whether the trial is consistent? Guangzhou Railway Group staff did not give a positive answer.相关的主题文章: