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The best intimate relationship is: if there is anything I can say to you about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article comes from the WeChat public number "help" from the familiar to the intimate fact: each relationship, will experience never familiar to familiar, and then close to the process. It’s easy to be unfamiliar with the familiar, but only a few relationships, from familiarity to intimacy. 1, people who are not familiar with: every day, such as the first film "50 first dates" film "50 first dates", talked about such a story: Henry dandy Lucy at first sight, and quickly fell in love. Henry and Lucy meet for second days with a meal, but the second day to see the Henry of the, but like to see strangers…… Lucy suffered from short-term memory loss, memory always stay in the day before the accident. But met the true love of Henry, and did not give up, even if Lucy’s father strongly opposed. Henry tried all kinds of tricks, Lucy every day can fall in love with me again. Henry and Lucy finally got married and had children. Henry took Lucy out to sea, to complete the dream for many years to achieve. Wake up every day from the sleep of Lucy, will look at the video with the experience of Henry, and then kissed with a deep feeling of the Henry…… The story of Lucy and Henry, the reason is beautiful and moving, in addition to the persistent love of Henry, that is, our hearts are always eager to live every day, can live in the first encounter of the kind of romance. At that time, I do not know you; I don’t know what are your bad habits, do not have to get angry with you; I don’t have any memories when I quarrel with you every time, can turn old; there is no expectations for the future, so as not to claim your inexhaustible…… When we have just entered a period of love, the relationship is not familiar with the past we can not tangle, there is no future can worry. In an unfamiliar relationship, you don’t have to live in the past, you don’t have to live in the future, just like Henry and Lucy live in the present. Familiar with the relationship between He Mingming Liu remarried. At that time, when the divorce, because Ming Ming Lee, Mr. Liu derailed, noisy helpless under the two divorced. But soon after the divorce, Ming Ming regretted, and Ming Ming felt that she was still in love with her husband. In Ming Ming under two people again. When everyone thought Liu He Mingming experienced the matter later, will be more treasure each other, but two people still bickering: Liu said, "she is watching TV or news, if have derailed the plot and events, will again scolded me again. Alas!" Ming Ming said, derailed people, not worth forgiving, but I chose to forgive you!" Liu He Mingming’s life is spent in settling old accounts in the cycle, again and again to experience trauma". If you can sound like Lucy, live in "amnesia", and then will Liu will have the prince and the princess happy life? Since I can not forgive, will not be together; since together, then choose "amnesia". Yangyang and white, is a typical "amnesiac" couples. Both husband and wife occasionally相关的主题文章: