The Chinese Expeditionary Army 音羽かなで


By the history of the Chinese expeditionary army Tencent · China Daily good book list 2016 10-11 month list launched the following books. Chinese books strive to become the country’s most credible, most influential, the most valuable reference book list, to promote China’s reading society, so that life is better because of a good book. "British history" "British history" Qian Chengdan Qian Chengdan editor of Jiangsu people’s Publishing House 2016.9 introduction: "British history" includes since ancient history to the United Kingdom in 2016 referendum, is a summary of the research history of Chinese in Britain for nearly two hundred years, is so far the first volumes of the history of England, on behalf of the China scholars of British history research the mode of discourse and discourse system. The way of writing, to fully absorb the research achievements both at home and abroad of British history, a detailed description of the history of the British track, in addition to the traditional political, economic and cultural content, this book highlights the social life history narrative, reduction of British life, is a flesh and blood, the lively and vivid history of england. "The new Chinese history" edited by Huang Kewu Wang Jianlang, "the new China history" (in the late Qing Dynasty, Wang Jianlang, vol.) Huang Kewu editor introduction of social science literature press September 2016 Edition: China Social Science Research Institute of modern history, and scholars write on both sides of the organization Chinese modern history, manuscripts are conducted in the form of topics, the the book for the late Qing Dynasty, divided into two volumes, Volume 2 for history, is the history of the topic, relates to the period of 1840-1911. While paying attention to the study of politics, economy and diplomacy in the past, we also pay attention to the new perspective and new trend of academic research in recent years. "The tide: the dream of youth" Zhang Qianyi "with the times of turmoil abroad: turbulent times dream youth" Zhang Qianyi Beijing Joint Publishing Company 2016.10 introduction: since the mid nineteenth Century, Chinese has been to modern transition stage, large influx is just a slice of this period of modern history, focusing on several generations of young intellectual elite China. This book presents a lot of details to the child is father of the man, a Chinese modern international picture, leading us to review China modern intellectuals in the turbulent years of youth dream again. "Leading" with "leading Pteris maguhui Pteris" maguhui Sichuan literature and Art Publishing House 2016.10 introduction: in the book, Ma Jiahui in the first person to describe the parent ancestral wild tales, stories from the Guangzhou Maoming tooth Bing in 1936 came to Hongkong to start, until the fall of Hongkong period. "Leading" the fall of the Hongkong review page tail pain history, the history of this period was embedded in an underworld story. The main character is not the male female prostitute is stolen, they all merit in troubled times, creating a legend. "North" Kite "North" kite on Ge Ge Liang with the people’s Literature Publishing House, 2016.10: "North" in the Republic of China Merchants kite pen family Lu Wensheng’s growth, both in the middle of the last century. The lumpy placed two in turbulent history of the fate of the family and the most abundant writing China undulating dating. Politicians, warlords, scholars, businessmen, actors, that book, 100.相关的主题文章: