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The city is expected to win over Atletico away may lose points! Sohu sports last night’s record is not good, the difficulty is still a little big, adjust the state tonight, hoping to bring good luck to continue to win! The five major league tonight to continue the war, a few field is worthy of our attention game, such as Chelsea VS, Everton, Manchester City VS Middlesbrough Royal Society VS Atletico…… etc., crazy Jun will bring Manchester VS Middlesbrough and the Royal Society VS Ma Jing game analysis, hope to be able to help you win! Premier League: Manchester VS Middlesbrough time — 23:00 analysis: the city state is excellent, the Champions League group phase 3:1 Barcelona reported home court reversed, even from the state, and heart are very good, currently ranked first Barclays Premier League manchester. While medus Fort this season to the Premier League, the strength is still slightly less than, at present only 3 points above the relegation zone of the gap, and the last 9 games only get a victory, showing the lack of strength, from handicap, enough to show the gap between the two teams, there is no sign of the compensate cold door, the size of the ball is open to the 3 ball, all this shows the promising makers for Manchester City wear plate, so this game recommended Manchester City handicap: two ball, quiz: let the ball 3. The Royal Society VS recommended tonight La Liga Atletico 23:15 quiz: let the ball half handicap: 3 Royal Society [Manchester] football baby note: the lottery is not speculation, not overnight, investment and financing, long-term will documentary profit, to make investment in lottery planning, good luck! Please love this column friends on this page most below a reward of 30 yuan, for today more SMG and peripheral spot recommendation (non member); at the same time monthly package, welfare is in the VIP exchange group, unified time push on recommendation. Support crazy king, let crazy Jun column stick to do it, thank you!相关的主题文章: