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"Wulongshan Earl": the explosion stage — entertainment channel — original title: burning Shen Teng Ma Li Shen Teng Ma Li deflagrated drama on the stage of the former happy twist Jintongyunv, now the screen star jorum, the evening of September 10th, happy twist team meritorious actor Shen Teng, Ma Li returns to the drama "Wulong mountain count" stage. That night, Shen Teng "cheap adorable" and Ma Li’s "female man image again laugh the audience, will twist the" half a minute applause, a minute a bursting point "of the classic works once again appeared on the scene. > > Shen Teng classic shape base hero "Adorable Wulongshan Earl" by Yan Fei screenwriter and director, tells the story of a real, no car, no work of the "three noes" young Xie crab, 30 year old birthday suddenly got a huge legacy, accidentally in a careful planning the bank robbery was wanted by the police. All the people to know the truth rather baffling have been killed, he fled to the crab Xie Wulongshan, and launched a series of revenge in after a lapse of several years. The protagonists Xie crab played by Shen Teng, created many classic twist grassroots character Shen Teng is familiar to this character is. An opening, Shen Teng played overseas two dead crab Xie uncle picked the cemetery, flamboyant, and when he heard that two uncle abroad is to starve to death, did not give him what legacy, began to wonder whether the two uncle ashes, next to the father said: "certainly, your uncle was two and you look like." The audience can not help laughing. In addition, in order to obtain the trust when Shen Teng played Xie crab, "" passionately devoted "the audience could not help but laugh. Shen Teng night show again presented his previous cheap Meng image, get the audience’s applause. > > Ma Li goddess female man free conversion compared to Shen Teng’s performance, that night, the green leaves of the play is regarded as the drama of the night of the month of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year. Played only in the second half of the game Ma Li is a man after surgery after the woman, the image of Ma Li in between the feminine goddess and the female man full of gas free conversion may be provided. The same day, Ma Li played the "androgyny" often made the audience laugh. Ma Ligang appeared wearing a dress at a graceful pace, the results do not accidentally sprain foot, a bad woman, when the "female man image immediately seckill goddess, the audience couldn’t help laughing. The performance of subsequent often she is still beautiful goddess of one minute, one minute after becoming the female man, comedy queen skill audience loud shouts of applause. > > role play small roles. In addition to the two main characters of the play, each of the characters are very attractive, even a few minutes playing a supporting role, but also will give the audience a lot of joy. The play, Xie crab and embezzlement chief in the Bank of wits, while the audience is attracted by the chief is very funny, but suddenly put a gun to the head of Xie crab, the plot reversal let the audience breathless. In addition, the bartender mime performances is particularly brisk. The waiter in the middle of the night to clean when encountered "supernatural events", the empty bar).相关的主题文章: