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"The ferryman" Zhang Jiajia: let the world become beautiful "a little bit" – Beijing, Beijing, Fuzhou, November 24, (Lin Ling) "people must learn in the big world, see little themselves. The dark will always be over, we have to believe that life is good." 24, the first film directed by Zhang Jiajia with his film "the ferryman" came to Fujian Normal University, talked about his creation inspiration with hundreds of students. "The world is dark and unfair, but I will tell you that love is good, life is beautiful. I try my best, even if only to make the world a better place." On the afternoon of 24 1 points, the students expected applause, a famous writer, screenwriter, director Zhang Jiajia came to Fujian Normal University, as long as after a good friend, talk about the heart with my classmates. The picture is Zhang Jiajia with his film "the ferryman" came to Fujian Normal University, talked about his creation inspiration with hundreds of students. Li Nanxuan photo "" ferry "this movie is my debut, there may be my mountain, because when the director really tired, this movie is almost my life." For the first time when the director Zhang Jiajia in the movie "the ferryman" fixed gear announced in December 23rd, made such a literary mingled with some "ruffian" micro-blog: "three years of preparation, the 118 draft, the more than and 70 words of the script, if 10 months of shooting, more than and 20 stars engage in collective." Until now, Zhang Jiajia talked about the first time when the director’s feelings, is still very sigh, in order to make a good film, almost all of the staff have been hospitalized, including myself. So this movie is the "heart" of the. I hope all the fans after watching this movie, can use it to resist sadness, bring joy." The movie "the ferryman" is a new romantic comedy, produced by Wong Kar Wai, directed by Zhang Jiajia, Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, Angela Baby (Angelababy), Rongrong Zhang, Xiong Dailin and other actors, Rhododendron, will be released in December 23, 2016. The film tells the story of "gold ferryman" at the end of the bar boss Chen (Tony Leung) and partner Guan Chun (Kaneshiro Takeshi ornaments), emotional rescue the drowning of the story. "The ferryman", is in a dilemma when you, accompany you, pull you one person. You could have been "ferry". However, there may be "ferry" over others." About "what is the ferryman," Zhang Jiajia explains, "this movie based on my novel, but also from my personal emotional experience. "The ferryman" can let you feel the life is good, this is what I want to through this movie is trying to tell you." For Zhang Jiajia, he felt for the first time with his co director Wong Kar Wai is his "ferryman". "Without Wong Kar Wai, there would be no film. He encouraged me to make films in my own way, and even taught me how to make films. It makes me feel very moved and very exciting." Zhang Jiajia told reporters that it can be hard to do one thing is a kind of happiness. Wong Kar Wai taught me how相关的主题文章: