The four seasons 15 thousand years of the earth’s creatures of beauty and sadness zngay


"The four seasons": 15 thousand years of the earth’s creatures, the beauty and sadness of French filmmaker Jacques · Han (Jacque Perrin) and Jacques · Cruzzo (Jacques Cluzaud) has produced a "micro world", "Himalaya", "bird migration", "the sea" and other documentary filmmaker Jacques · of France Perrin (Jacque; Perrin) and Jacques · Cruzzo (Jacques Cluzaud) codirected the new earth "four seasons" (Les Saisons) released in September 27th in mainland Chinese, viewers can choose French soundtrack or by the narrator, Huang Xiaoming and Jiang Wenli, the narrator of Mandarin dubbing. Compared with after his last works of "the sea" in France released two years before landing the mainland China, "the seasons on earth" just the beginning of this year in the French premiere, this time we do not have to wait too long to enjoy the natural epic on the screen. "Four seasons of the earth" poster "earth four seasons" to the earth after the ice age in 80000 years of winter after the beginning of the emergence of the four seasons of the prelude to the end of modern society, after a period of about 15000 years. Although the title sounds but Jacques · cover and contain everything, Perrin under the lens of the protagonist is still animal. After the "fly" and "sea", this time he focused on the "go", show the evolution of the continent’s animal living environment through the seasons change. In fact, the whole film can be divided into two parts to become the masters of nature, human large-scale break new ground for the boundary. The two part of the film is quite different in content, narration and emotion. The upper part is closer to the works of the previous works, showing the beauty of land animals through the lens and clips. Whether it is adorable owl, elegant elk, vigorous lynx, fierce wolves, wanton horse, on being given a personification of the spirit at the same time, more will belong to this species traits show most incisive. Like the Han works of the past, this part of only a few overs, mostly relying on the picture language narrative. Only the need to mobilize the single sensory state, the audience can deeply immersed in the film, in order to newborn fawn Nie bahan, marvel bear climbing ability will be learned without teacher, to be surrounded by wild wolves left behind and worried. "The four seasons" stills to the lower half, with the expansion of the scope of human activities and progress, idyllic lyrical minor variations for Pathetique sonata. Human status in nature, and rise from the equal position to control the animal’s role, we develop the circle of the wolf dog, the saddle horse, the forest into farmland and plain, the animal rushed to the deeper in the forest, then they have fun by hunting. A large segment of the narrator accusing the human activities, or more precisely, our greed and overbearing nature to destroy other beautiful creatures on the earth. Viewing the mood also follow from easy to heavy and sad. Although the two part seems to be fragmented, in fact, the formation of a relationship. Without the beauty of the upper half.相关的主题文章: