The Imperial Palace trash to put on the palace of the Department of women’s family education system ricky lee neely


The Imperial Palace palace ladies wear trash tied sanitation family child design – Beijing morning news public channel 28 news, the Imperial Palace Museum cining garden, trash several chic style attracted the attention of many viewers. This reporter has learned that these children by the sanitation of the family of children, some of the actual use of the trash will try a week. August 26th, "look at me" 2016 sanitation children growth plan? The Imperial Palace art experiment started in the Imperial Palace Museum cining garden. Show the same day by the 20 children from the Beijing sanitation system designed innovative trash. These ideas to "take the trash paper oil umbrella maid", "top planting real flower blue and white porcelain", can realize the garbage "balloon", to play a "slide show" form, full of children’s childlike innocence, show their imagination and creativity of a powerful and unconstrained style. After the ceremony, the the Imperial Palace tour guide to lead the children and parents into the sanitation hospital visit. For the 20 children, this is the first time they have close contact with the Imperial Palace. With the children out in the the Imperial Palace, also let these usually busy sanitation workers enjoy a rare parent-child time. According to the the Imperial Palace Museum, responsible person, the children in the Chinese art museum with the guidance of artists together to open a "trash like a powerful and unconstrained style" of artistic creation journey. Part of the actual use of the trash in the cining garden for a week on trial, in order to appeal to the audience love Museum and city environmental sanitation.相关的主题文章: