The Mid Autumn Festival in Dengzhou missing 2 year old girl was found to is bad news


The Mid Autumn Festival in Dengzhou missing 2 year old girl was found to is the news reported earlier: Mid Autumn Festival reunion night Dengzhou girls missing from home criminal investigation departments involved in the Dahe River · client reporter Li Yan September 23rd night at 10:20, the reporter from the river client missing girl Xu Xu Wenli quips father informed that rangdong Zhen Huo Chi Cun, Dengzhou City, the Mid Autumn Festival the next night the missing girls eventually find Xu Xu Zhai wit, but unfortunately has died. Xu Wenli said, this year 2 and a half year old Xu wit is 23 in the afternoon in the village nearby wells was found. The wells located in farmland, about 200 metres from his home. Previously, they search for the two wells in the vicinity of the wells, but has not paid attention to. A dead thing to Xu quip, Dengzhou City Public Security Bureau Publicity Department official on the evening of 23 respondents to be confirmed, but said that in order to determine the specific cause of death must after the autopsy, the police are still working in the night. Previously, on the night of September 15th the first newspaper reports, including the people’s daily, CCTV, the Ministry of public security emergency information release platform of missing children micro-blog, a lot of media and institutions were concerned and reported that the parties are looking forward to children to return home as soon as possible. (River client)相关的主题文章: