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The mood should not be ignored "the messenger" – Sohu emotional impact on the lives of mother, far beyond our imagination. When we are able to understand the emotional transmission of information, learn to manage their emotions, in a timely manner to clean up emotional waste, then whether it is parent-child conflict between the couple will be greatly reduced. In this process, the child can learn to live in peace with their emotions. The child shouted at you: "you are the world’s worst mother, I hate you!" Has been under the 1000 determination, not angry at the child, but you are the first time the children shouted to the 1001st! The children every morning with your nosese: "I don’t want to go to kindergarten!" You and your husband because "what primary school children should be" a big fight, finally you can say: "with you this kind of person, it’s over!" …… Do children really hate their mothers? He didn’t know he should go to kindergarten? We love our children so much, why do we hurt them? Does the other half really make us hate it? Emotions, about our behavior and ideas of the child is not love her mother, nor do not know they should go to kindergarten. Similarly, our reason is very clear, the child will hurt him, we should not do so, the husband is not hateful to really can not go on…… In other words, when we (including children) on the deviant behavior and ideas, not because we do not know how to do, but we are stuck in the "emotional" this link. We all have a similar life experience, when the mood in the past, we can not feel the Hom, thorny problems, it seems that in an instant disappear. So, we are very clear, the mood is very important. We even want to stay away from all the negative emotions, away from the troubles they bring. However, it seems that no matter how hard we try to drive away emotions, suppress emotions, are not so useful. Emotions always come and go, we get out of control and worry. Should emotions really be expelled and controlled? What the hell is it? When we look at it from another point of view, will it be easier to reconcile with it? Mood, what is it? 1 emotions, we feel the presentation and external. When we face the stimulation of external information, the body through the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste…… The instinct is to respond. When our feelings are expressed by means of expression, voice, etc.. Feelings are internal, invisible, and emotions are the presentation and manifestation of feelings. The use of language, facial expressions and body movements of the presentation, the size of the sound speed, all in the expression of our emotions. We can know the feelings of ourselves and others through the observation of external performance. For example, our face turned red, what does it mean? What does it mean to become white? What does the foot shake to represent? Maybe we’ll say to ourselves, "I’m not nervous at all," or "I’m not angry at all," but our physical reactions tell us the real answer. For example, some people say.相关的主题文章: