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The national plan for ecological tourism development from   Dabie Mountain built a national inter provincial scenic byway – Anhui Channel – according to the Anhui Daily reported love self driving in the mountains Dachuan friends have places to go! It doesn’t have to Tibet, Taihang, home there is a national scenic byway. The day before, the national development and Reform Commission issued "the planning of ecological tourism development (2016-2025)", the Dabie Mountain tourism development space and great potential is put forward. The future, not only will the Dabie Mountain area ecological tourism cooperation as a national level, Anhui and Hubei will also build a line from Hong’an to Mount Holyoke, Dawu, Lu’an runs through the Dabie Mountain National Ecological Tourism line. At present, the province’s Dabie Mountain tourism fast track has been formed for the future of the road to lay a solid foundation for landscape construction. Mount Huangshan Mount Lu Wuyishan hand cooperation according to the plan, China will build 20 ecological cultivation, regional tourism cooperation in the next ten years, the construction of 200 key ecological tourist destination, the formation of 50 provinces and Tourism Ecological Province, and adapt to the self driving car and real tourism booming, with the country’s overall layout of the road network, to build 25 ecological scenic national road. In the eastern plains hills eco-tourism area, Mount Huangshan, Heaven Village, Mount Tianzhu, Mount Jiuhua, Chaohu and other famous scenic spots in our province. Cooperative region associated with our province including cooperative area ecological tourism Zhejiang Anhui Jiangxi Fujian, focus on the development of heritage tourism, leisure, vacation, mountain lakes science education products, strengthen Mount Huangshan, Mount Lu, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Sanqingshan, Wuyishan, Mount Longhu, jianglangshan, Taining World Heritage depth cooperation, accelerate the construction of Anhui international cultural tourism demonstration to build a regional area, joint marketing and market sharing platform. Dabie mountain ecological tourism cooperation area are listed separately, focusing on the development of forest leisure, recreation and fitness, scientific exploration and research of travel products, in order to promote the Dabie Mountain Tourism precise poverty, the establishment of regional tourism poverty alleviation achievements sharing mechanism, effectively promote the farmers to increase employment. Construction of Dabie Mountain Tourism Link Road, explore the establishment of Dabie Mountain tourism public service platform. Promotion of national and provincial scenic byway for car enthusiasts, scenic road construction concern. According to the plan, China will build 1000 self driving car, docking and integrated camp camp. Dabie Mountain as one of the 50 fine lines, has also been included in the list of 25 national ecological landscape. The scenery to pass through Hubei Hong’an, Macheng, Dawu, Luotian, Yingshan, Anhui, Yuexi, Mount Holyoke, Lu’an, can be said to the basic series of Dabie mountain scenery essence. In this list, as well as Taihang Mountain scenic byway, Greater Khingan Range scenic road, the Grande Canale scenic road, Sichuan Tibet highway, Shangri-La scenery scenic road and other world-renowned well-known mountains and rivers. At present, there has been a fast track in the Dabie Mountains Tourism in this province, the starting point for the Jinzhai County town of Nanxi Li Ji, as the end point of Mount Holyoke County single dragon temple, 15 villages and towns throughout the Dabie Mountain in Jinzhai County, Mount Holyoke two, Heaven Village, the grand Canyon River, forming the Dabie Mountains International Resort area, Causeway Zhai, Baimajian, Lu’an tea Valley, east of the Great Rift Valley, stalagmite Wanxi Dabie Mountain Grottoes, 000)相关的主题文章: